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Ababab Sliding Puzzle

27 Apr 2014

Ababab Sliding Puzzle game review

A simple, yet super fun sliding puzzle game. Allow me to talk to you about Ababab Sliding Puzzle. Do you remember the fun with the classic “game of 15” that you used to play?

Remember how challenging it was sometimes? And of course you remember the huge fun you had with it. Well, Ababad Sliding Puzzle brings back all that fun and much more! The idea of this game is simple. 

You have to line up the cute characters by moving the pieces to empty spaces. You can slide the pieces in all directions.

Ababab Sliding Puzzle::By LIGS Ababab Sliding Puzzle::By LIGS Ababab Sliding Puzzle::By LIGS Ababab Sliding Puzzle::By LIGS Ababab Sliding Puzzle::By LIGS

Ababab Sliding Puzzle screenshots

It does sound simple, and that is because it is. Now, that is already fun itself. What if I told you that, Ababad Sliding Puzzle adds some special features to make the game even more interesting? Yep, that is right. Let me put it in for you.

To add to the excitement and challenge, you can pin down some cells to keep them from moving. That is some challenge to overcome! You can even hide them if you want to put your memory to the test. So you see? This game will be as challenging as you want it to be.

Ababad Sliding Puzzle is suitable for the whole family. It contains six game modes that range from classic, easy to incredible mode (which can be very challenging, let me tell you).

So you can have your five-year old embellished from all the fun and not wanting for it to end or you could have your 100-year old great grandfather with his face into the device letting in all the fun.

Get ready for addictive fun for all the family. One of the lovely aspects of the game is the really nice and cute characters included. You will love sliding the beautiful cat and the cute little puppy. There are even season characters such as Santa Claus.

I recommend you go through all the modes until you get comfortable with the game. That will take you no time since instructions are very clear and the game is pretty clever. So, pace yourself through the game.

Given that the game can prove itself easy, at least on the classic, easy levels, here are some settings in which you might find it cool to play. Play it during a free time at your office. During your meal or lunch break. Play it at your house comfortably seated on your favorite couch. Play it while you are waiting for food to come. Play it at the park. Play it everywhere!

Now if you are up for a real challenge, then I will invite you to take the “incredible” mode. Now that is a true challenge. In fact, some have said that it is pretty hard to beat! So, how up are you for a challenge? Give it a try and test your strategy skills. This game will put your IQ to the test. And if it does that good to you, it must do that good for the little kids. This game truly is amazing fun for the whole family. A must download! 

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Download Ababab Sliding Puzzle from Android marketDownload Ababab Sliding Puzzle from Android market

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