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Aircrobatics 3D

22 Mar 2014

Aircrobatics 3D game review

Aircrobatics 3D is a free game for Android devices in Google play. It is an arcade and action game with the motion control concept. It is a very simple game which you need to become pilots and control the flight or the airplane without being hit by various obstacles.

I can really recommend Aircrobatics 3D due to the basic concept in which all age groups can practice the motion sensor feature of this game.

It starts with very simple motions to prevent it from being smashed into walls, which are built in such a way that the airplane can pass the gapped walls.

Aircrobatics 3D::By Jatrix Aircrobatics 3D::By Jatrix Aircrobatics 3D::By Jatrix Aircrobatics 3D::By Jatrix

Aircrobatics 3D screenshots

Nice and decent graphics with awesome music which is not too loud to scare the kids... But in the case of obstacles, Aircrobatics 3D can be improved by increasing the obstacles kinds to encourage more tension and the depth in it while playing.

I can say Aircrobatics 3D is partly classic, and partly an encouraging game for the kids, those who plays motion control games for the first time. I came to know about Aircrobatics 3D yesterday.

So after my office, I was just coming back to my house and saw my 6 year old kid dancing before the front door facing down... Of course I thought he was dancing, but later I realized after seeing a smart phone in his hand, saw him playing Aircrobatics 3D.

Yes...! You can imagine him as if he was practicing for a ball. So come back to the game, sometime after I checked the Aircrobatics 3D on my smart phone via Google Play and downloaded it for free. The hilarious part is, now my husband is kind of frightened about me dancing alone in the room...!!! Okay, Leave that...

Now again coming back to the game, it consists of special and unbelievable feature that not only make you play this forever and ever, but also encourages you by making yourself a pilot and fly a plane...

Aircrobatics 3D is set for the three different obstacles which stimulates you to control, twist and turn yourself to safeguard the plane without getting smashed in the obstacles. The obstacles are funny, but at the same time shocking. In Aircrobatics 3D, you have to fly in between or across concrete walls, Balloons, and opponent's airplanes which changes and shifts the direction when those are flying before you.

Precise control and timing of the hand motion, plays the vital role for wining 60 levels in Aircrobatics 3D. Make sure you have steady hands before opting to play Aircrobatics 3D. There were some controlling problem while playing Aircrobatics 3D but it is easily rectified my stopping the background application in your device... It is optimized for full HD display, so don’t hesitate to play this game in your tablets too.

Aircrobatics 3D size is very reasonable as you can download it in either in your phone’s internal memory or on an SD card (External memory). It requires 2.3.3 Android version or up. Positively speaking, Aircrobatics 3D is the best introductory game for motion control gaming world. But when it comes to strategies and graphics, Aircrobatics 3D is average. But who cares!! Spectacular moves needed to fly as a pilot that is more than enough to start playing and enjoying this game... I can rate it around 4.5/5. Happy flying.. 

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Download Aircrobatics 3D from Android marketDownload Aircrobatics 3D Youtube video from Android market

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