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Alchemy Classic HD

01 Apr 2014

Alchemy Classic HD game review

As humans we are so much into finding new things.

This life is all about innovations and new creations. This is what has happened in past as well will continue to the future. Alchemy Classic HD is a game that provides you the place to do all your innovations. The game start with 4 elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth and the player have to combine them to come up with new elements.

When playing this game we feel like doing the real chemistry to innovating new elements and thing. This not only about creating new elements even we can create plants, animals, machineries and even aliens.

Alchemy Classic HD::By NIAsoft Alchemy Classic HD::By NIAsoft Alchemy Classic HD::By NIAsoft Alchemy Classic HD::By NIAsoft

Alchemy Classic HD screenshots

This is a very addictive game where we have to play with the elements. The game gives only a brief quick guide, which is indeed brief. While go with the game we can understand how it has to be played. Not much guidance is given but it helps us to think and play the game because if the guide has more information we always try to depend on that.

When you start to create more and more combinations to make new elements the curiosity becomes more to go through the game. There really isn’t anything more to Alchemy Classic HD once you have learned how to mix elements and clearing the alchemy table, but that is where the simplistic gameplay shines brightest.

Simple combinations are everywhere and are fascinating. By combining air and air, you get wind and by combining water and fire, you get alcohol. That is what I mean by fascinating. Some of the combinations don’t make much sense but I think that is what makes it interesting.

Also, because there are many 2 and even 3 element combos, you will find yourself mixing and matching elements until you blunder across new ones. Because of all the mixing and matching that you will do, it would be difficult to keep tabs on what elements you have created but Alchemy Classic HD will keep tabs of all of your elements for you.

Alchemy Classic HD is challenging and fascinating. It is something that everyone should definitely try out. Therefore I must say that Alchemy Classic HD is a different type of a game that can be perfect for your Android device.

Also Alchemy Classic HD is unique and fantastic. For personality improvement and for good productivity it is very important to practice how to explore your mind. Therefore if you are interested in becoming a good explorer, then do not misjudge the importance of games like Alchemy Classic HD.

This game is not only good for adults. It is very good for children as well. They can learn how each and every thing in this world is formed by playing this game. Hence it will help to improve their intellectual skills to a greater extent.

Not only that even children will learn to think about everything in a new perspective, because it is all about creating new elements. The colorful icon used to represent the elements attracts the players.

So why are you waiting? Just try it.

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