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Alien Assault Tower Defense TD

03 Dec 2013

Alien Assault Tower Defense game review

I’m a big fan of shooting games and if it involves the outer space, I’m all for it! I saw plenty of my friends playing with the Alien Assault Tower Defense TD Game and though I’d give it a try.

The game is set in space, in the year 2248, when the earth is under attack. By whom? The aliens, of course, are always hostile. The aliens are animated well and the missile shooting is also well designed.

Alien Assault Tower Defense TD Game has 25 levels of which I was able to complete around 11 levels quickly. That’s when it became really tough to master game and the aliens were a handful.

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Alien Assault Tower Defense screenshots

What I really enjoy about this game was the real simple concept of good vs. bad. It is not some lame game where we had to collect coins and we gain some ‘power’ or something; not that I am insulting classics like Mario, but this is something new. And it is also in sync with all the superhero movies and with the entire ‘good shall prevail’ concept. This game had me at the end of my wits throughout the stint. I had to constantly update my weaponry and my defense had to be unbreakable.

The game seems to be intended for the future, but it could have been a bit more creative in portraying 2248. This game is highly addictive and for anybody who is looking to take on this game, they are sure to cause some long hours of exciting sleepless gaming. As the first of its kind, it is one great app and is absolutely free. As you improve your gaming skills, you get to unlock more levels and move ahead in this game. The higher the level, the higher is the complications and attacks. A red indicates that the level is open while the yellow shows that the level is yet to be unlocked.

A good job has been done with the audio effects, giving it a sprinkle of reality. There is also the option of sound control if you don’t want to disturb others near you. You can play this addictive game whenever you want and wherever you want. A definite stress reliever, it will pull you into the game freeing you from the worries of the outside world. It is a game to enjoy and have fun playing. Defeating the aliens as your craft shoots and flies will keep you constantly at the edge of your street.

Suitable for all ages, this game is something that even elders enjoy playing. I would totally recommend it to all my friends. It’s been three days of non-stop gaming and I still want more. So when you download this game don’t forget- it is addictive. But in a good way of course!

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