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Alien Space Train - Free

04 May 2013

Alien Space Train - Free game review

Alien Space Train is a highly challenging puzzle/arcade game for Android, from new company Burningood Ltd.

The underlying concept is a sliding block puzzle with the objective to build the track and guide one or more trains safely to exits. If that was all there was to offer it would be much the same as various games from the past, present, and almost certainly the future.

With Alien Space Train, this is where any such similarity ends.

Alien Space Train - Free::By Burningood Apps and Games Alien Space Train - Free::By Burningood Apps and Games Alien Space Train - Free::By Burningood Apps and Games Alien Space Train - Free::By Burningood Apps and Games Alien Space Train - Free::By Burningood Apps and Games

Alien Space Train - Free screenshots

Built on top of the basic puzzle element much more gaming is on offer, starting with turntables and directional points that the player can switch between different states. Trains must pick up passengers who provide keys to unlock the exits.

The passengers each require certain objects before they will board a train, so these must be collected first. These collectable objects are initially scattered throughout the level, and a UFO deposits more onto empty tiles as play progresses.

The player can throw objects around or even out of the game area – particularly useful for getting rid of bombs that will otherwise destroy the track underneath. Trains will collect any objects they drive over.

There are also a number of aliens that may fix broken track or eat the objects the passengers require. As with the objects, the aliens can be thrown around or out of the level. Control is mostly via touch actions and gestures directly over points of interest on the screen.

Tiles are moved by touching the empty tile and pulling an adjoining one over it. Objects and aliens are thrown by touching over them, then dragging across the screen to where they need to be, followed by releasing.

Switching points and turntables are changed via a panel of buttons at the bottom of the play area. Alien Space Train has no particular story and does not need one, other than it involves Trains, has Aliens in it, and is set in Space.

Instead, pure gameplay is the driving force here. Along with this, the graphics and sound are designed to evoke a retro feeling during play. It is important to note that this in no way implies any kind of reduced or low quality – the presentation throughout is precisely detailed and of a very high standard.

There is no unnecessary option or padding screens to wade through and no annoying delays or pauses. You can be playing a level within seconds of the game loading. The game will run happily on either Android tablets or phones, even on handsets with a relatively low specification.

Most devices that run Android 2. 2 or above should just about cope with Alien Space Train. The intro screen has an option to lower the detail level for older or slower devices. Available as a free download from the brain and puzzle game category of Google Play, users have the option to purchase tokens via in-app billing in order to simplify and practice any levels they may be stuck on.

However, there is no necessity to buy anything, so the game can be played entirely free of charge. There is a small amount of unobtrusive advertising on the intro and some transitional screens, but adverts never appear during actual play.

Overall, Alien Space Train is an original and addictive game. It may not be to everyone's taste, but if you are prepared to spend a bit of time mastering it, you will be rewarded with many hours of entertainment.

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