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Asphalt 6 Adrenaline

12 Nov 2013

Asphalt 6 game review

On iOs, Asphalt 5 was a vast improvement. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is the best of this three versions in pretty much every aspect, gameplay, the different cars, the quality of the graphics, and definitelly the speed, which is significantly faster.

There are a lots of different cars to choose from. Carreer mode - you got different leagues, within every league you have variety of different races and variety of different tracks. In normal race you want to finish within top 3. 

On main menu screen, you got some palm trees moving around, and your car with a menu is displayed. 

You can easily play this game every day for a couple of weeks and still have tons of different races to do. In each race you get anywhere between zero and five stars. The cars that you unlock is dictated by how many stars you get. So, if you get one star on each race you only get about 1/3 of the cars. If you get five stars on each race, you are going to have all your cars unlocked by about 80% through this different leagues and cups.

Asphalt 6::by Gameloft Asphalt 6::by Gameloft Asphalt 6::by Gameloft Asphalt 6::by Gameloft Asphalt 6::by Gameloft

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Good thing is it's pretty much tuned to the perfect amount of difficulty. Usually three out of five stars are dictated from your position in race. If you get first position, you get three stars, for second place two stars, and for first place, one star.The other two stars are optional, maybe you will have to get 1000 drift points and nockout two other players by forcing them into a wall or hitting them hard from back.

Graphics in gameplay mode is very good. Multiplayer is pretty easy, you can play online or local over wifi network or bluetooth hotspot. 

Asphalt 6 is well worth the 1$ in appstore. It's a lot of fun to play, a lot of people I talked to have played the game and enjoyed the game. Definitelly a great game, a good graphics, a good gameplay. 

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