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Azorian Kings Strategy Game

13 Feb 2014

Azorian Kings Strategy Game game review

Azorian Kings is a a collectible card game that uniquely blends tactical strategy and RPG, and displays stunning art with eye-candy graphics.

The game offers quick-fire combat and also allows you to customize your hero. To attack your opponent and win the game, you need careful and strategic planning.

You’ll have to manage your army wisely before the fight; and when the battle ends, the game proceeds in automatic mode which means you can’t intervene thereafter.

Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin Azorian Kings Strategy Game::By Pavel Balakin

Azorian Kings Strategy Game screenshots

The primary goal of the game is to defeat the enemy leader and his troops, although it’s not necessary to destroy all of the opponent’s troops. Azorian Kings offers a thrilling gameplay that will surely keep you on your toes.

Azorian Kings challenges your capability to come up with a smart, cunning plan that will put you at an advantage over the enemies. Each battle is carried out step by step. Visible units in front of the goal can commence the assault, and if the target is missing, they will move forward towards the enemy’s direction.

The army comprises of 44 different units that join the battle. It’s important that you determine and explore the strength of your warrior as well as the weakness of your enemy so you can win the war. There are lots of units to select, and each unit is equipped with unique characteristics.

They are different in terms of attack, range, speed, armor and HP. Some units also have upgrades and special abilities. Azorian Kings offers over 36 upgrades and skills to improve your hero and warriors.

Once you complete each level, you can acquire “stars” or experience points and unlock upgrades. And when you reach higher scores, you can reveal further options to enhance the warriors. For the final matches, you can pick the race that best suits your army.

There are various characters available such as humans, orcs, dwarves and elves. This depends on the number of levels you’re able to complete and which road you select. Customizing your army is fun and exciting since you can choose and equip your army according to your preferences.

There are 20 increasingly challenging replayable levels. You may choose to trudge along every difficult level or simply go for a longer yet safer way. All completed levels can be revisited if you aim to reach a score higher than your current best score.

The best method to defeat your enemy is to employ careful planning along with strong defense and tactical attack. Keep in mind that there’s no going back to the starting point once the battle has begun, and you cannot control your army directly during the battle, so make sure to wear your thinking hat and plan things cautiously.

You’ll definitely find this game absorbing and extra challenging. Azorian Kings has a neat and clean interface that allows you to navigate through the menu and options with ease. The graphics are stunning, and the cards display a variety of wonderful character designs.

The game has cool animations that are pleasing to look at as you play. Your ears will also be entertained by the electrifying music playing in the background. In conclusion, Azorian Kings is a recommendable game for any collectibe card game lover.

And even if you’re not into this type of genre, it’s definitely worth a try for the excellent gameplay and wonderful art.

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