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Baseball Superstars 2012

04 Nov 2013

Baseball Superstars 2012 game review

This is a free title that places the player in the position of a team leader who is doing his best to take his team to the championship or a beginner who is making it all possible to become an ace player.

For experienced players who know the series, this 2012 app is more like a modern version than a new game.  Brighter graphics, a new motion control, makes possible an outstanding hitting and pitching experience.

Beginners get ready for an amazing ride. Playing this game you have several options, finishing certain scenarios, including mission mode, where your goal is to score on RBI. The Baseball superstars 2012 is capturing in any way you play it. The basic mechanics of the game are very easy to learn, but a bit difficult to master it.

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The choice is given to use the D-PAD or the Accelerometer of the device, the latter is more recommended. The pitchers’ is an easy one. In order to strike the ball you just swipe your finger on the grid area of the screen. Every single pitching has its own type of motions.  The very instinctive mechanic spices up the game.  The” Touch Motion Pitching” system, makes pitching very popular.  Works just fine for sticking right for a Circle Change or on a quick double tap to throw a fastball. The pitch quality fully depends on the accuracy and length of you screen touch, as well as the umpires are a little or cold on the strike zone, like they should be.

With an outstanding graphics, this game looks exquisite on a Retina screen.  Compared to other games which we thought to be visually outstanding, this game is simply a new generation. If you are in for baseball you will enjoy this game, with high simulation sensibilities and smooth social and multiplayer experience, this is your game.

The single player modes are quite confusing. Exhibition mode and Super Player mode are still as nonsense as ever. Home Run Derby, pitching duels, and My Player scenarios in which you are a pitcher, are present throughout the course of ten virtual years. Every game and mode played gains you points, which can be used to upgrade your players or content unlocking.

The season long play makes the game very real that challenges the player and the coach to train, practice, to increase their offense and defense skills in their hard work for the Championship. As most freemium titles The Baseball Superstars 2012, starts you off with plenty points to start the game on the bright side.

If you are a baseball fan, play the Baseball Superstars 2012 and a real baseball Championship is guaranteed.

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