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Big Cat Race

24 Sep 2013

Big Cat Race lite game review

Big Cat Race is a new genre of exclusive and challenging outdoor fitness app, with improved audio-visual capabilities and unlimited fun.

GenzPlay introduces a new genre of outdoor fitness apps for children, where they play the character in the game. It is an interactive cartoon game where the mode of play is running.

In a scenario where children are getting more addicted to video game consoles and internet games, Big Cat Race is a good way of getting them outdoors and indulge into a fun game, which is exciting, and ensures good health and stamina as well.

Big Cat Race lite::By GenZplay Big Cat Race lite::By GenZplay Big Cat Race lite::By GenZplay Big Cat Race lite::By GenZplay Big Cat Race lite::By GenZplay

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The lite version provides 10 minutes of play per hour and 20 minutes of play per day, and come with password protected award system for the parents. Now, children can compete with other cats in the world, increasing accelerometer precision and running speed.

It also has a GPS tracking system that makes sure that you are not cheating. This is an interactive outdoor game, which is easy to play with enhanced user interface. The controls of the game are based on your running speed.

Take your smart Android phone outdoor, and turn the volume to high. You will be provided to choose from three big cats, Lion, Cheetah or Leopard. Next, choose from three different levels – Easy, Medium and Hard.

For the beginners, it is better to start off with the Easy level. You will be chased by another Big Cat. Now, you have to pick how far you wish to race with the computerized Big Cat. Different choices are given like 10 steps, 30 steps, 30 seconds, and the like.

You can also choose the option of ‘Free Run. ’ Now, run with your smartphone in your hand. The screen will go dark while running; so do not slow down your speed by looking into it. The other Big Cat can beat you in the race.

You can watch the replay of your race to see how well you performed against the computerized cat. Android’s built-in accelerometer tracks your running speed progress and gives you a score according to the performance of the other cat.

Check the high score, and get set go for another exciting race with the Big Cat. This is one of the most thrilling and simple-to-play outdoors games ever, designed especially to improve running caliber and stamina of the kids.

The app is powered by high-quality sound and visuals that guide you through the race. Most importantly, it is a fresh and challenging outdoor game that most Android users were looking on their smart phones.

Big Cat Race Lite is an exciting app that nearly every kid will love, and adults too. It is power packed with variety, exclusivity and smart game play design that you can ever imagine, while maintaining simplicity and user-friendly interface.

Moreover, the game is easy to load and does not demand advanced system requirements to play. The lite version is also free on Android smartphone. If you love action games, Big Cat Race Lite is just the best play.

To sum up, children feel great playing this unique outdoor game, packed with thrill and excitement.

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