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Bistro Cook 2

24 Apr 2014

Bistro Cook 2 game review

This game is a little bit like seeing what it’s like to work in a diner through the eyes of Charlie Chaplin in the classic movie "Modern Times". Repetitive movements and that oppressive clock just ticking away, sending more and more orders onto your assembly line.

In Bistro Cook 2’s case though, the repetitiveness and oppressiveness are transformed into a fun, challenging and highly engaging boredom buster. After a few minutes of it, you wouldn’t be blamed for dancing around the room too.

Bistro Cook 2’s lovely graphics are inviting and simple, conveying the straightforward approach this game takes on. Your aim is to get the dinner orders ready and served before your station fills up.

Bistro Cook 2::by Quasar Studios Bistro Cook 2::by Quasar Studios Bistro Cook 2::by Quasar Studios Bistro Cook 2::by Quasar Studios

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But that’s not all. You also have to make sure your food doesn’t burn to a crisp by removing it from the fire at the right time. The closer to perfectly cooked your food is, the more points you gather up. As the game progresses and you move up from one level to the next, your orders come along quicker and more detailed. You have three difficulty options (the classic Easy-Medium-Hard) and a tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with strategy.

Now how many times have we seen developers using this formula? We’ve seen everything from diners to airports, hospitals and clothing store settings using the same type of gameplay, except in this case tougher challenges come by at the drop of a hat. Because there is just the one screen with the food items to click on, breaks come few and far between, besides being very short so as you can imagine, it can get very challenging to keep yourself focused on associating the food names with the images. That is precisely what makes it so much fun! It is also a fantastic educational tool for small children and those learning English as a second language, as it will challenge your ability to recognise food items and drinks.

The main asset of this game, however, is that it responds brilliantly to your command. We all know how frustrating the ‘click-click-clicking and nothing happening’ can be, right? Add to that the fact that you’re timed, which means that the longer you spend on desperately clicking, the more points you lose. So it is a fantastic asset that in this game you can remove an item at the exact moment it is done. With Bistro Cook 2 you’ll never burn your (or anyone else’s) dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if that were true in real life too?

So, all in all, what does it feel like to play this game, you ask? Is it for me? My answer to you is this: Think about how you felt the last time you managed to cook a meal you had high hopes for in real life. Remember all the preparation, the anticipation, and how much fun (if a little stressful) the whole process was? Yes, I can see your sweaty forehead and that expression that says ‘Yes! Mission accomplished!!’ from here. Well, now you get to relive it whenever you like, minus the cleaning up afterwards, by playing Bistro Cook 2, so tuck in!

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