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Black Sun Siege

10 Nov 2013

Black Sun Siege (Avatar Fortre game review

Black Sun Seige is the latest release by the creators Avatar Fortress Fight.

As soon as I began to navigate my way around this app I got a great sense of the Manga / Japanese genre. The graphics were very striking and full of energy with great use of colour. The characters are illustrated beautifully and were very true to the Japanese theme that this game successfully creates.

The art work is very clever and very professional bringing a realistic look to the characters and the rest of the illustrations contained within the game. If you are a fan of strategic games then this is the one for you.

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This is a very challenging puzzle game which will keep the player entertained for hours and hours. The game play is quite easy to understand and follow however it will require a lot of thinking and you must plan your moves very carefully.

The player must get their piece and with some clever strategic thinking place it on a place on the board which will successfully wipe out the opposing enemy piece. The aim of the game is to try and successfully beat all of the guards which are in the enemy towers.

Once the player has successfully managed to do this they must then continue to move all of their pieces and try and take over the enemy towers to take full control of the board. Each of the players has an option of different strengths to play with in order to try and beat the opposition.

The options are water, earth, fire and earth. Each of these strengths give the playing different fighting tools and tactics and it is up to the player to pick which one they think will be most suitable to use at a particular time.

Again strategic thinking comes in very handy here in this challenging game. Each of the strengths will have their own team of fighters and each strength will have a different team. For example if the players opt for the earth strength they will have a team which consists of two water infantry, a general, a character called Toph, two earth infantry, Aang, Katara and two different catapults.

However if the player was to opt for Water the team would consist of slightly different fighters. There are numerous controls to get to grips with in order to move your squadron of fighters around and place them exactly where you want but these are quite easy to use once you have got to the grips with them.

Each of the teams of fighters have different skills and qualities which will work better in some situations than others so the player needs to be very smart when planning their attack in order to succeed.

The player must use the red arrow when picking which team they want and as soon as they have done this all they have to do is press the confirm commands and the action starts! The action really is great fun.

The player can freeze enemies making them unable to fight back on the next turn and obstacles can be created with the earth strength blocking the enemy from attacking you. Wind power can also be used to wipe out the opposition.

You can keep track of how well you are doing as the score is clearly placed at the top right hand corner of the screen. Taking moves and noting other information is also very easy as the tabs are clearly labelled at the bottom of the screen which include your health, move, force and range, attack, move, barricade and next squadron.

A very clever well designed app the developers should be proud off. Very challenging, great graphics and will be a hit with anyone who is a fan of strategic games.

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