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Block Puzzle

16 Sep 2013

Block Puzzle game review

Block Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android devices that is very simple at its roots, but can really give you a fun challenge once you get used to it and try the more difficult puzzles.

The basic concept behind Block Puzzle is this: you have a large square or rectangle which you need to fill.

In order to fill it, you have a number of different types of shapes (sort of like what you have in the classic game “Tetris”, but with more shapes and a larger variety of sizes, too).

Block Puzzle::By mToy Block Puzzle::By mToy Block Puzzle::By mToy Block Puzzle::By mToy

Block Puzzle screenshots

They can all fit into the rectangle or square if you place them a certain way, but it is up to you to figure out how they must be configured in order to fill up the space without going over the outline.

The game sounds very simple, and it is. However, there are multiple levels of difficulty to enjoy so that you will not get bored as you continue to master the game. The earliest level is novice, and it's a great one to start with, with puzzles that you can likely solve in a minute or two without much trouble.

From there, the difficulty moves up a bit as you go to normal difficulty. The next step up is expert, where the puzzles begin to get pretty challenging, and at the highest level, which is master level, you will struggle with some of them, but get a great feeling of accomplishment when you solve them.

There is a lot of content in Block Puzzle, with a staggering 500 puzzles at every difficulty level. Since there are four difficulty levels, that adds up to 2,000 different puzzles for you to enjoy. To have that much fun and entertainment value from a free game seems almost unfair!

Playing Block Puzzle is a pleasure, thanks to the easy, user-friendly, and intuitive controls. It is very simple to just tap the blocks with your finger and drag your finger to move them to the position you want them in.

Since that's all you're required to do, there are no complex instructions to look over before you can get started with the game itself. Even though the game mechanics are very basic at their core, you can still utilize a lot of features with Block Puzzle.

You can backup your progress, for instance, with the press of a button. You can also continue your last game immediately with the press of a button at the startup screen, which is convenient. Finally, you can customize the game with board sizes of small, medium and large, along with different sliding modes and visual themes.

If you enjoy puzzle games or you were a fan of the classic game Tetris back in the Nintendo or Game Boy days, you will definitely have a lot of fun with Block Puzzle. This game is very easy to learn, but packs some challenge at the higher levels, and has enough content to entertain you for a long time.

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