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Block Story

14 Oct 2013

Block Story game review

Block Story is the latest release by the makers Mind Blocks.

As soon as I began to play this game I was immediately struck by the stunning visuals. The graphics were absolutely out of this world. I was very impressed by the high quality of them. The colours were bold and vibrant and the graphics were so realistic that they created the feeling of actually drawing you into the game. They really are breath taking.

The scenes created were outstanding. I was really impressed with the wide variety of landscapes which ranged from cliffs and mountains to beautiful forests.

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Moving away from the graphics the game itself and content were equally impressive. I did feel the game could be put into the genre of other games on the market such as Mine Craft, however this game has more than enough about it to stand alone as a good quality enjoyable game.

If you like mission games which have a lot of challenges and strategic thinking required then you will really enjoy this game. The aim is to take part in numerous different missions in order to build up y our strength and armoury.

Once I started this game I could not put it down as the content was so vast. There was just so much to explore and not once did I find myself getting bored. I could have played none stop it was that enjoyable.

There is so much to do and see including the different environments which ranged from woodland areas right up to water areas. The player has to find numerous different creatures within the game and this can take some time on account of the fact that there are 85 of them.

These creatures are not every day creatures one would expect to find but monsters and dragons. It really is a very exciting and enchanting game. You need to build basically everything that your mind can contemplate.

If you build something which you are particularly proud of then there is the option to take a screen shot of it so you can share it with other people so they can see your work. I really liked this feature as it was good to be able to share and also to be able to see what other players have created too.

The controls I found were very simple to use but best of all they were not restrictive. This was on account of the fact that there are four different types of controls to choose from so each player can try and test these to see which type of control works best for them.

These controls include a joystick option, 2 joystick option, accelerometer and d-pad. There is so much fun to be had on this game as it is so versatile. You can fight, collect items, improve strength, complete missions and most of all build.

The sound effects complimented the game perfectly and again rather than a repetitive sound, there were lots of different sounds and music to suit each setting. I really did like this. This game is nothing short of fantastic with so much to it no one could possibly get bored.

There are so many good points to boast about including the graphics, game play, content, controls and music to name just a few. Great game which I highly recommend.

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