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Bloodshot Free

07 Sep 2013

BloodShot - Free game review

Every day I come across one or the other Android game or app, each of them is better than the other. The games dominating market like Angry bird, Temple runs etc. is so addictive and enjoyable games that, one might not even consider other games.

While going through more games in search for more variety and something different to try, I just came across this game - Blood Shot. This is something really addictive and unique  arcade shooting game that I have seen amongst many of them listed out there.

It was very easy to get hold of this game learning didn't prove to be a hassle, and the best part was I really enjoyed the game, just lock and shoot.

BloodShot - Free::By Burningood Ltd BloodShot - Free::By Burningood Ltd BloodShot - Free::By Burningood Ltd BloodShot - Free::By Burningood Ltd

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Unlike other games where you have to work hard to get some levels or special features to be unlocked, the game provides extra weapons and ammo as a reward for accurate hits. Also mesmerizing backgrounds of day, night sunshine is provided while you are shooting, all of them beautifully compiled into the game. 

Gaming styles offered were quite satisfactory, one being formation play which I got working when I set up the game. The other one I got were free playing games which needed to be unlocked.
Every time free play was different judging various skills. Now coming to the compatibility of the game, this too was amazing as it supported devices with larger as well smaller screen.

Which I think is a plus point for the ones having smaller screen androids. Some people like me having a smaller screen anywhere between 3.5 to 4 inches can also enjoy the same game play as the controller fits best on the screen and is easy to use as with the guys having bigger screen.

The graphic being the utmost important part of any game or application were also outstanding of this game as compared to its counterparts. Not only this the easy to use controls helps a lot and are the one which can get one playing the game in no time.

Some of the parts of the game is not free which is just extra things that one would like to buy but not necessary and hence doesn't force you to shell out one's hard earned money. Going on with the game even without them still make the game perfect and as enjoyable as it was without them. One will surely love playing it and will surely get addicted to it.

Mine overall experience with this game was excellent and I was satisfied with fun gameplay, I surely will rate this game as 4.5 stars, and better than other games in the same genre. Try this fun game, it is worth downloading as you will have great time playing it.

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