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Bug Smasher Challenge

27 Sep 2013

Bug Smasher Challenge game review

I’ve always wondered about something: why is it that every girl out there (and some boys) hates any and all bugs and creepy crawlies that exist in the world today, except for ladybugs?

Is a ladybug not a bug after all? What is it about them? Is it because they are considered ‘socially acceptable’ for their appearance? Is it because they’re not poisonous?

Maggots are also not poisonous, but you never see a baby with lots of little dung maggots on their onesie, while there are babies wearing ladybug-themed outfits everywhere you look.

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I, for one, think ladybugs are overrated but for some unknown reason most of you girls out there disagree. Unfortunately for me, the developers of the Bug Smasher app disagree with me as well. Bug Smasher is your typical ‘speed test’ game.

It’s simple and straightforward like most of these games are. Download the Android app for free from the Play Store, open it, register your username and press play. The app will search for an opponent for you online.

Once they find one, the game begins. Your goal is to squash every bug you see except for… you guessed it… ladybugs! Squashing a ladybug in real life, especially in front of a girl, will cause you to be branded as an insensitive monster (squash a spider which, by the way, is also a bug, and you’re a hero).

Squashing a ladybug on Bug Smasher will not only make you a monster but also cause you to lose a good chunk of your points. So you have to squash all bugs, avoid the many ladybugs prancing around and don’t even bother with the bees as, for some reason, they are ‘unsquashable’. All this in less time than your opponent.

Sound fun? That’s because it is! I’ve never met a girl (or guy for that matter) who didn’t enjoy squashing a bug. As horrible as it sounds to take the life of an innocent creature for no apparent reason other than fear (isn’t that what most wars are about anyway?), both boys and girls love the crunching sound of a cockroach under their shoe, the whizzing sound a beetle makes when you smash it into pieces and the relief of getting rid of that huge (read ‘small’) spider or wasp.

But squashing bugs, besides being cruel, is also quite messy. You’re left with ‘bug guts’ all over your shoes or hands (if you’re really hard-core), as well as the occasional stink from those bugs that die and leave a little surprise behind for you.

That’s why you should switch to the Bug Smasher app instead. Not only is it humane, as no real bugs were harmed in the making of this app, but it’ll also give you the same sense of relief and fun that you would have with real bugs (sound effects included), minus the mess, blood and guts.

Sounds like a fair trade to me, and the real bugs thank you! So if you’re looking for a great app to unload some of the day’s frustrations onto, go ahead and try the Bug Smasher app today! It’ll be a killing spree to remember!

And don’t forget, ladybugs are too precious to be smashed, so they are off-limits!

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