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Car Park Control

14 Jan 2014

Car Park Control game review

So you think you have what it takes to control a busy Car Park area. Good to hear that.

You think you can keep people safe? Can you stop the collisions before they happen? Hmmmm. Perhaps you will need to think again. Car Park Control will have you doubting your own abilities to drive and park safely let alone offering up your backseat opinions to others on how and where to park.

Car Park Control puts you in control of a variety of very cute cars by simply drawing a path for them to follow to their destination parking spot outside of an indicated shop.

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After the driver has entered and left the shop, it will be time for the car to leave the area. Now you will draw your path to an exit indicated by a nice green arrow. Sounds simple right? And it is... very simple to play in fact.

But it does get challenging and quickly too. Your brain will soon be ticking over at a frantic pace as you try to keep track of the all the cars comings and goings and of course where there might be a collision, so you can try to avoid the disaster and shame of it all.

You will find yourself so focused on the task at hand that you will forget to blink. Can you say dry eyes.. hmm. There are bonuses that you can earn or buy which help you get through some of the challenges or simply change the way a level may be played.

For example, there are road barriers that change for each level and keep it very interesting but you may choose to remove them for a period by using a no barriers bonus item. Other cool bonuses include shields, no pedestrians, happy drivers to name a few.

Car Park Controls graphics are top notch with very cute cars to play with. Nice hand drawn backgrounds for each map complete with a unique theme to each. You can't forget the pedestrians. Also very cute and with a unique voice and expression when you hit them with a car or touch them with your finger to stop them moving while you navigate a car past safely.

You are presented with a number of simple sounding challenges to complete for each level. These may be as simple as parking 10 cars all the way up to parking 15 cars while collecting 3 bonuses, making sure your cars are leaving through the correct exit and making sure you don't hit a pedestrian.

Yes, it does get that busy and manically challenging. You will love it. Sound is also very pleasant with a catchy upbeat background theme that will get stuck in your head. It also adds to your focus because the music speeds up as the levels become more intense, which in turn make it feel more intense.

Sound effects are nice and an important element to the game but the spoken phrases from the pedestrians when you hit collide into them with a car accidentally (or not) may just give you an involuntary churlish smirk. :-)The smile on your face and the amazing feeling of success will be big and very satisfying when you complete a level.

Be warned though. This game is very addictive and very satisfying to play. You will be whispering quietly to yourself... sleep can wait... just one more level. What more can I say.. I love this game and it really is that good.

Do yourself a favour and check it out for yourself.

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