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18 May 2014

Carcassonne game review

The popular board game that you played on the floor is now available on your mobile device. Carcassone is the tile placing board game in which you must build this southern French landscape by placing matching tiles.

This game, developed by Exozet, will deliver the greatest amount of fun within the board game. The virtual experience of Carcassone is simply fascinating, as you get much interactivity when playing against your friends online or with random players.

This game has the potential of keeping you on your phone with tons of fun. For those of you who love board games, this is the application to download.

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But how is Carcassone played? It comes down to this: The idea of the board game is that you and your competitors are building a city together and they must put the tiles together to complete the map. There is an initial tile which is placed and that is how the game begins.

Every tile somebody places must match anyone that is already placed on the board. It could be a road, a city, a field segment, or a monastery. This tile should match perfectly with any other previous one.

But this is not all of it. Every player gets their respective followers, which can be placed on a tile to reclaim ownership of the land whose tile the player just placed. These Meeples can be thieves, monks, knights and farmers, depending on the tile they are placed in. Their function is to guard the land you are just creating, in such a way that when you complete it you earn points. In fact, this is the whole point of the game, make as many finished lands as you can. At the end of the game, the player with the most point wins. It is exciting, isn´t it?

So get ready for a truly fun board game experience. Once you enter the application you are given the options to play the normal game or a solitaire. 

For those who have played endless hours in the popular board game, this application will be a mouthful of fresh air as it comes with all the functionalities of the physical game but with greater functionality and added convenience. For those who have not played the game, this is an opportunity you don´t want to miss. You will get into this game and will not want to stop. Being a strategy game, it will get the best out of your ingenuity and sense of competition.

Don´t really know how to play Carcassone? Not a problem since the application´s home offers an exhaustive manual which is highly recommended you take a look at before entering a board. You can play a local board with your friends or you can go into the internet and find opponents.

Once you have selected any of these options you are prompted with a window in which you decide if you want to join a board that is already in progress or you want to start a new one. You can also play against the computer if you want to give it a try before going into the field.

This fun and addictive game are a must on your arsenal of applications. Download it and prepare for some great fun!

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