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Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN

29 Apr 2014

Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN game review

To be perfectly frank, I never thought it would be so difficult for developers to come up with a genuinely enjoyable and great chess game for Android.

There are thousands of them doing the rounds and millions of players looking for them, but nine out of ten times you’re left with a poor attempt at an app that seems to overlook the simplicity that makes chess what it is.
Does Chess OK break the mold? In a word…yes!

Overcomplicate a chess game with too many distractions, flashing lights and unnecessary garnishes and you ruin it.

Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN::By ChessOk Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN::By ChessOk Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN::By ChessOk Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN::By ChessOk Chess ChessOK Playing Zone PGN::By ChessOk

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Seriously – there’s a reason why chess boards aren’t neon colored and loaded with LED lights, which is that they do nothing for the game. And that’s where the appeal of Chess OK immediately leaps out – the gaming board you’re presented with is as simple as it gets and…as you may know by now…simple means no lagging, no hanging and no problems for even the most modest of Android devices.

Simple as it may be, but the makers of Chess OK have really gone to town with its range of features – anything you’d hope you could do with an Android chess game is right here in spades.
Features include:
• Local Chess Games for Two Players
• Online Play with Gamers from All Over the World
• Tournaments Every 15 Minutes
• Super-Simple User Interface and Board
• Chess Team Building
• Global Chat
• Over a Dozen Themes

That’s really just scratching the surface though; it’s hard not to be impressive with the scope Chess OK offers.

Chess OK basically serves as an access point to the world-famous Chess Planet server, which in layman’s terms means over 100,000 chess players from all over the world ready to teach you a thing or two. Games are being played all over the world 24 hours a day, which means that no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you can buddy up with an opponent and get down to business. You can even build teams make your own list of favorite players for easy access.

You’ll only need an hour or two with Chess OK to realize why so many people have turned to it as a seriously helpful learning tool. The reason being that along with playing chess with anyone you choose to square off against, you can also watch games from all over the world in real-time. Take a seat as a pro chess game with a pair of the world’s most advanced players and pick up the kind of tips and strategy guidelines you’d never otherwise have access to!

I’d also go out on a limb to say that the live chat feature of Chess OK is one of its standout features for the simple reason that it turns each and every game into something of a social event in its own right.

In summary, what you’re looking at with Chess OK is a stripped-back app that’s managed to extract all the very best out of playing chess online without overcomplicating everything. If it’s chess that matters to you and you’ve been looking for the best way of indulging with like-minded folk from all over the world, you’ve found it! 

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