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City Getaway

16 May 2014

City Getaway game review

Allow me to present to you “City Getaway”, the fun and simple runner game. This is a game of a runner going through a city jumping over obstacles, but there is much more than meets the eye.

It is sleek and simple, yet guarantees that you will get addicted to eat in very little time. The concept of the game is pretty basic.

It starts with this little guy running through the walls of several buildings. Your only mission is to tap on the screen to make the little guy jump.

City Getaway::By FreezeNova City Getaway::By FreezeNova

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It is actually impressive how a simple concept can give you so much fun.
Everybody starts with the same stage, the further you get, the more points you score. So, this game will test your timing skills and your ability to think fast and think ahead. It is probably this fact that makes it so addictive. You have your personal score, which you can beat every time.

The difficulty of the game increases as you move further. You have to be careful not to hit against a wall as this will make your game be over. When you hit a wall you will be sent to the beginning of the game, but your score will be saved. This one becomes the new score to beat until you increase it. The game is very intuitive and does not require any complicated skills to master it. Your ability to think fast and think ahead is pivotal to its success.

So once you install it you are taken to the home screen where you press start and the fun begins! The man will keep running ahead, no turning back, no stopping, just running. Of course, some wall is higher than others and there are some structures that will be found on the way. You must quickly make the guy jump over these obstacles and keep the race going nonstop. The further you go the greater your score will be.

You can play this game not only by yourself. How about you gather a group of friends or your family and take turns to see who the fastest finger in the house is! Challenge your friends into who can get further after one try. Show off your results with your community and have them join the fun as well.

The reason why this game is so addictive is because even though the concept is quite simple the challenge is not. We like challenges and we like to outdo ourselves. City Getaway provides both of them as the game becomes more challenging the further you go. Obstacles become more frequent but the score grows higher. It will also provide you with a great sense of achievement and joy. It is a truly fun game and you must try it.

Set your own personal goals as to where will you get today and how you will break your own record tomorrow. Beat your own score or the score of your friends. Download this app now and join the fun.

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