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City of Splendors

08 Feb 2014

City of Splendors game review

City of Splendors is a fully interactive multiplayer game with amazingly stunning 3D graphics and animation, and a fantastic storyline.

It’s a 3D, online cross-platform strategy game that combines the gameplay of various fantasy games and offers a challenging wartime campaign in a creative illusionary world teeming with myths and legends. In this epic game, developing the best strategy is the key to win.

You have to fight demons in the Troon Mainland to find the City of Splendor. The game is challenging, absorbing and exciting as it offers plenty of activities to tackle during your journey.

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You’ll be making powerful allies, settling age-old vendettas and of course, battling against monsters. The main goal of the game is to build your kingdom depending on your race. When you open the game, a short beautiful animated clip plays.

Afterward, you can tap on the screen to proceed with the game. First, you have to choose your desired server and then press on “New Journey. ” It takes a couple of minutes for the game to load fully. Once the game loads, you’re taken to a brief introduction of the storyline through a cool animation.

Then, you have to choose your race, whether you want to play as a Human, Orc or Elf. After that, you can pick a name and gender for your character. Each character race comprises 10 unique buildings that you can enhance and upgrade.

Before starting the game, you’ll find the notifications page where you can view important notices as well as the help section where you can find answers to common queries about the game. Just press the back button on your phone to resume the game.

In the Daily Sign In page, you have the option to upgrade various items. As you traverse through this animated world called Troon, you have to defeat waves of monsters to accomplish your mission. As this is an online, multiplayer game, there are other live players who aim to win battles to gain more power.

You have to gather resources, develop strong cities, train your army legions, persuade heroes to be your allies, and skillfully master and unite all of these to build a powerful guild so you can challenge armies in the mystical land.

What’s great about this game is the integration of popular American and European fantasy tropes to create a global live gaming strategy experience that players across the world can enjoy. The game is quite motivational and exciting as it allows you to connect with and to challenge live players and friends.

When you win battles against other players, you’ll earn more gold ore. City of Splendors boasts gorgeous graphical features aside from the superb gameplay. It’s available on Android, iOS and Flash. It offers dazzling American and European visual motifs that are fully designed in 3D and vibrantly animated.

Everything about the characters is pleasing to the eye. You’ll find more than 100 character designs with unique conversations, plots and action effects. Overall, City of Splendors is not just a MMORPG, SLG or RPG experience; it combines all of these and brings you a spectacular gameplay that you can enjoy on your mobile device. 

City of Splendors is a great game and casual gamers will surely love.

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