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Clay Hunt

09 Mar 2014

Clay Hunt LITE game review

Clay Hunt Lite has a very simple control scheme that is a lot of fun and comes very naturally with just a minute or two of practice.

On screen, you will see a rifle in first person that you can move around by placing your thumb on it and dragging it around. Then, you use another finger (preferably on your other hand for ease of use) and tap the screen anywhere to take a shot when you are happy with your aim.

It works beautifully and is a very user-friendly control scheme.

Clay Hunt LITE::By Aleksi Rantonen Clay Hunt LITE::By Aleksi Rantonen Clay Hunt LITE::By Aleksi Rantonen

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Also useful is the fact that the game essentially pauses automatically, since after you shoot a set of clay pidgeons, the game will not launch any more until you put your finger back on the screen, prompting a voice to yell “Pull!” and clay pidgeons to launch into the air.

This is useful for when you are playing and then have to stop momentarily without losing any points on your score. The game begins with a helpful tutorial, which allows you to get a handle on the game's fun mechanics before the difficulty really gets any harder.

This is a nice feature that really makes you feel like you are a pro at the game in just a matter of minutes. In the tutorial you learn how to shoot from scratch as you shoot beer bottles out in the country.

Once you have mastered the shooting of beer bottles, it's time for what the game is all about: shooting clay pidgeons. This is available in multiple difficulty levels as well as different game modes, too.

The difficulty starts off at beginner, which is unlocked right away, and moves up to expert when you are ready for more realism and challenge. From there, you can move on to professional clay shooting when you are ready for rapid targets coming in from a lot of different angles.

To add to the depth of game modes, there is also arcade challenge. In arcade challenge, you have unlimited ammunition, which sounds great, but you have to survive as long as you can with and endless string of clay pidgeons coming your way.

This is a really fun twist on the game that adds a lot of replay value and makes you play in a whole new way, too. Of course, like many other Android games, you can connect with Facebook to share the game with friends or brag about your newest high score.

That just adds more competitiveness and fun to the game. Clay Hunt Lite is a very fun shooting game that provides both a good challenge and a fun, easy to learn playing mechanic that nonetheless can be difficult to completely master.

With plenty of levels to try and a lot of fun to be had here, it is a game that is easy to recommend to those who have Android mobile devices. Make sure to check it out if you want to try a different take on the well-worn shooter genre.

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