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Cloud 9 Comix

04 Oct 2013

Cloud 9 Comix review

Cloud 9 Comix is from the developers Spectrum Pacific Publishing who are a great digital comic book publisher.

This is a great little app for all comic fans out there. The app contains comics from all across the globe including Italy, France, Croatia, India and the USA to name just a few. The app is available as a free download from iTunes which is another bonus!

One of the great surprises with this app is the fact that a lot of the comics on it have been changed and translated into English which is a great first.

Cloud 9 Comix::By Spectrum Pacific Publishing Cloud 9 Comix::By Spectrum Pacific Publishing Cloud 9 Comix::By Spectrum Pacific Publishing

Cloud 9 Comix screenshots

There is also a wonderful little shelf feature and this is where all of the comics which are bought are placed so you can fetch them very easily. The app is really easy and simple to use and there is noting too complicated so you don’t get lost.

Everything you need can be found with great ease. The fact that this app is so easy to use made it more enjoyable. The essence of the app is to reach your favourite comics to browse so anything that would have been too complicated, difficult or over enhanced would have taken away the positives.

With this app you can easily access your comics which you have purchased not to mention the free ones available which you can download and store. For all comic fans titles such as Shrlock Holmes, Wraith and Dark Detective will be something you have heard of.

You will therefore be pleased to note that these titles collected by Cloud 9 under its brand. The quality of the graphics available in this app are nothing short of remarkable and really does compliment this apt suitably.

The illustrations are bold and vibrant but to be fair, due to the content of this app they really did have to be. Once you have this app you can continue using it for a long time even after you have read all the comics in your store as more and more titles are released frequently so you can continue to add to your store.

Due to the amount of publishers and stores which have joined Cloud 9 this app is probably one of the biggest digital comic book publishers around at the moment. Due to the wide range and variety of titles offered this app is suitable for all people of all ages regardless of their interests.

If you are a comic fan this app is certainly worth having. There are lots of comics available for use and whilst some of them may not be to your particular taste this does not matter as there are plenty more available which are.

Plus it is always a good thing to be able to access something that is a little bit different from what you are previously used too. Overall – really good handy easy to use app which will appeal to all the comic fans.

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Download Cloud 9 Comix from iTunesDownload Cloud 9 Comix from iTunes

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