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20 Apr 2014

ConnectiXX FREE game review

ConnectiXX is a fun and challenging puzzle game for Android devices that will keep you busy for hours.

With a fun and minimalistic graphical style, the game invites you in from the moment that you start it up on your mobile phone or other Android device.

The game’s graphics are basic, but beautifully designed to appear as if they were hand drawn, like you were playing a game on your notebook instead of on your phone or tablet.

ConnectiXX FREE::By Matthias Lange ConnectiXX FREE::By Matthias Lange ConnectiXX FREE::By Matthias Lange

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This really helps to sell the gameplay, which is all about creating lines to link the balls on the screen. Any puzzle game is only as strong as the rules that govern play, and in ConnectiXX the rules are easy to learn and understand, so that you can get right to playing the game and having fun.

The goal in any level of ConnectiXX is to connect all of the balls onscreen with lines. The major rule to remember is that the lines cannot cross, which doesn’t come into play at first but becomes important as you continue on to the more challenging levels.

If that was all there was to it, this game wouldn’t be very difficult or engaging. However, what makes the game really brilliant is that each ball on the screen has a number inside of it. That number is the number of connections to that ball that you need.

If a ball has a “3” inside of it, you need three lines to connect to the ball before you can be done. Fortunately, as you make connections to each ball, the numbers automatically decrease to show you how many connections you still need to make.

The game is extremely intuitive to play and easy to control thanks to the touch screens used in Android devices. To create a line you simply touch a ball, drag your finger to the ball you want to connect to, and let go.

If you mess up or want to get rid of a line, you tap it. That’s it. There are no difficult controls to master, and the game is easy to jump right into, thanks to the early levels helping to explain the game perfectly well.

When you start playing, you won’t want to stop, so it’s a fortunate thing that there are 200 levels to play in the game. The levels start out being extremely easy as you learn the ropes, but eventually become more and more challenging while forcing you to really think.

Finishing a level that originally stumped you is a great feeling and one of the highlights of playing ConnectiXX. The game also allows you to use integration with Scoreloop to post your high scores, which incorporate the levels you have beaten and the time it took you to defeat them to rank you on the leaderboards.

You can also compare results with friends and share your results on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to show your friends what a puzzle genius you are. Overall, ConectiXX is an extremely fun and addictive puzzle game that you will be really glad you downloaded.

The challenge scales perfectly as you learn how to play and the levels are great brain teasers.

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Download ConnectiXX FREE from Android market

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