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Critter Caper

17 Jun 2013

Critter Caper game review

If you like cute games, and games that feature cute little animals a new game on the iTunes store may be just what you are looking for.

The game, called Critter Capers, is, as the name suggests, a game about furry little critters. In the game, you are charged with protecting and saving them from the invading aliens who have arrived to take all the furry little critters away.

The game is easy for anyone to play, perhaps this game is best for small children, but it can be easily enjoyed by anyone who has a fondness for cute cuddly characters.

Critter Caper::By Ronime Studios Critter Caper::By Ronime Studios Critter Caper::By Ronime Studios Critter Caper::By Ronime Studios

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While you are playing the game, the little critters will give you feedback, such as making some cute sounds when getting saved, and also some "oh no's" when you are unable to save all the critters. When you encounter a situation that you cannot save all the little critters, then the game will end.

The main idea with this game is to drag the creatures by the energy trail that hangs from the floating cages that the critters are caged in, you need to drag the critters and try to group them together.

Once you group all of the critters together, you tap the critter to teleport them to safety. The more critters that you can group together that are of the same type, the more points you can earn. If you do not earn enough points while teleporting the critters to safety, then you will not earn enough points to move on to the next level.

Of course, the game allows for you to share your critter saving exploits so you can keep all your friends on facebook alert to the fact by liking the app using the Facebook like button. There are many levels for you to conquer, and although the game seems easy at first, it became readily apparent that you need to use a little strategy when grouping the critters together.

This strategy aspect was a little surprising, partly due to the fact that the critters are cute, and while you are enjoying yourself, you tend to forget about what you should do, and you just have fun playing.

The game operates on a timed basis, so each round has a timer that you need to keep your eyes on. It can be tricky to tap and drag all the critters together to get a better multi-critter combo, but once you get the hang of, it is actually quite fun trying to keep track of all the critters you should group together.

In the first level, if you are able to accumulate over 500 points by teleporting multiple critters of the same type, then you are allowed into the second level. Levels get increasingly difficult, and with each level the number of points which you must score increases, for example, you need 750 points to make it past the second level.

This game may be easy, but it is simple pure fun. This game is definitely recommended for kids and the young at heart.

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