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Crock O'Gold Slots

25 Mar 2014

Crock O'Gold Slots game review

Crock O' Gold Slots, the best game on the floor to pull you inside the virtual reality of Gold treasure and fortune making..!! Yes, guys... I just started this game to pass my time, but now it is entirely different. Believe me!

I’m making time to play Crock O' Gold Slots!! Being an all time game lover, Crock O' Gold Slots made the magic spell on me. Then I started earning my virtual money, treasures, and fantastic bonuses, etc.

Crock O' Gold Slots is a must have game which of course made me to utilize it as maximum as possible. The best game I’ve played and enjoyed in my new Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Crock O'Gold Slots screenshots

Spectacular music and realistic graphics create a bond which made me crazy to indulge more into Crock O' Gold Slots. Crock O' Gold Slots will be mind blowing in tablets not only for the graphics feature, but also the big screen enjoyment.

The special occasions and features of Crock O' Gold Slots will take into its world of fantasy, adventure and magic. When I started playing Crock O' Gold Slots, I really wanted to share my experience to all the Google Play app holders that, this is the game in which every mobile or tablet gamers should have on their device. Crock O' Gold Slots game is really a star...

Crock O' Gold Slots is definitely a premium game, which is suitable not only for kids but for adults too. Practically speaking, I really enjoyed this game when played the specialty modes to earn cash more... That too, Leprechaun's Bonus and the Crock O' Gold mini-games are the hits of Crock O' Gold Slots, which will make the player to promote casino skills by optimizing it.

When the game starts, I was asked to travel around Ireland basically to its major cities and attractions to fantasize in earning more bonuses and prices.

Revealing the extra special features made the game more interesting and realistic. As to say, Crock O' Gold Slots is the best game for its creativity and game design feature which involves playing all the 6 reels and experiencing the 25 Payout lines.

Every aspect of the game is very well accumulated to render spectacular experience from Crock O' Gold Slots. It is a super hit!!! At the time of St. Patrick’s Day in this game, the 6th reel was released, which was in- fact the best of the reels to earn a jackpot. A beautifully crafted Ireland map enables to know where the next game will be; and also to know the current play location as well.

One of the main attractions in Crock O' Gold Slots is the game size which is around 19 MB, as it is an unbelievable size for all these fabulous graphics, music and game feature. Crock O' Gold Slots won’t get stuck, won’t crash the device and won’t make the player wait for the next situation. It is a smooth, gradual, and very idealistic game which makes sure to entertain anybody who plays it.

As Crock O' Gold Slots are frequently getting updated, bugs are being rectified and it just requires the basic Android version which is 2.2 or the later android. Crock O' Gold Slots is definitely the game of fun, colors, cash, gold coins and much more... I’ll recommend Crock O' Gold Slots to all the game lovers in the world... It gets the top score of 5/5 easily without any arguments. Happy Gaming... Enjoy Crock O' Gold Slots! 

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