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Crystal Balls

12 Jan 2014

Crystal Balls game review

After the success obtained in Nokia and Blackberry platforms, Crystal balls finally comes to Android.

Crystal Balls is a simple and addictive match 3 puzzle game where you will find lots of fun and challenges. If you like matching games, we recommend this fantastic game! Matching three balls of the same color is the basis of the game, while matching four or more balls makes you earn bonus points.

When you start the game you will see a ball moving from side to side, the goal is to make this ball lands on top of other balls, combining three or more balls of the same color makes the balls explode.

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You make the ball fall by tapping on the screen, but the moving ball can also drop if you do not tap on the screen before traveling two times from side to side. Every time you combine three or more balls you will see a progress on the right bar, you will complete the level when this bar fills.

You can combine balls horizontally or vertically. You can also make a diagonal match, but in order to do this you must combine at least 4 balls. As you progress through the levels, the moving ball will move faster making the game more challenging.

There are five different colors of balls. You lose the game when any row is filled with balls to the top. In advanced levels you will notice a progress bar emptying, every time this bar is empty, a new row of balls appear from the bottom so that the rest of the balls up a cell.

After emptying, the bar is refilled and begins to empty again. In each level you pass, the bar is empty in less time putting a lot of adrenaline to the game and forcing you to control the game in a more intelligent way.

You can use special balls that will help you complete the levels. There are several different types of special balls, these appear randomly in place of the moving ball. You have to tap the screen to make the special ball fall.

Some of these balls have a color and take effect when you combine it with other balls of the same color. For example x4 & x6 Multiplier balls multiply matching points for 4 and 6 correspondingly. The Clock Ball makes the moving ball move slower for a certain time.

If you make a color match with the Fury Ball, you explode all balls of the same color on screen. This can be helpful if you are to lose. Special colored balls become normal if they do not match after falling.

There are other special balls that we can use without combining them with other balls. The Bomb Ball cleans an entire column and the Mine Ball cleans all the balls around regardless of the color. Crystal balls offer two different game modes, Classic & Adventure.

As explained above, in classic mode the aim of the game is to fill the right bar to complete each level. On the other hand in adventure mode, you must combine different number of balls for each color to pass each level.

The levels are presented with initial distribution of balls, increasingly difficult. There are 24 different levels on Adventure mode. Crystal balls is a very good option to enjoy the time, is an easy to play game, with simple controls (1 click) that lets you play the game almost anywhere and with one hand. :)It offers a lot of fun and is suitable for all ages!

The game has high score table which stores the best scores for each game mode.

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