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Cut the Rope

01 Nov 2013

Cut the Rope game review

As each and every gaming platform grows in popularity, games for it are released that push the boundaries of what can be done on this platform. Cut the Rope is one of those games.

At times so many similar games will come out that a gamer will wonder, have we reached the limit of what this system can do? The App Store has kind of started to enter this territory, with many similarly engineered games appearing on a weekly basis.

What people do is they find a formula that works, and they copy it, changing plot lines, and different little things to make it unique. Every once in a while though a game will be released that, even though it’s based on a widely used idea, it takes it to a whole other level of fun.

Using the swipe to slice mechanic that has become popular on the IOS, you swing pieces of candy to Om Nom, our hungry little friend in the map, the goal of each level being to get the candy to him without missing.

Cut the Rope::by ZeptoLab Cut the Rope::by ZeptoLab Cut the Rope::by ZeptoLab Cut the Rope::by ZeptoLab Cut the Rope::by ZeptoLab

Cut the Rope screenshots

In each level there is a piece of candy that you have to get to Om Nom. These pieces of candy are suspended by a series of ropes that the player has to cut to get the candy going in the right direction.

How you cut them, and in what order you cut them is what controls the direction they will go in, you can make them swing about, bounce, or just fall into Om Nom’s mouth.  As with many other games in the App Store that are popular, there is a star system, if you can get all the stars in the level and get the candy to Om Nom then you’re more then set.

Getting one star is easy, all you have to do is complete the level. Once you have figured out the steps to take in order to get to the end, and you have the mechanics of the game down packed, it’s a synch. To get two or three stars however you have to get all of the stars in the level as well as get the candy to Om Nom, and this takes some skill. 

Aside from the inherent challenges that the game possesses, there are other obstacles like razor walls, spiders, and even gravity trying to shut you down.  With the only controls at your disposal being a touch to use the air or rope guns, and a swipe to cut the ropes, you really have to think ahead. 

It’s a game built for the IOS if there ever was one. If the puzzle games that have hit the App Store lately have pleased you, then you should definitely give this one a try.

Cut the Rope is a great puzzle game by any right, it has just enough of every ingredient to make it a must play, and a game that you will want to play again and again, whether it’s in short bursts or long bouts.



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