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DeckEleven's Railroads

30 Apr 2014

Deck Elevens Railroads game review

If you love trains and want to be engaged in the most fun and addictive railroad game, this is definitively the one for you.  Let me introduce you Deckeleven´s Railroad, a strategy addictive game that will keep you entertained for a long while!

Get ready for some fun like you have not had before. Deckeleven´s Railroad challenges you to build your own railroad empire. You are required to start from track layout to cargo management, from India to USA, from Canada to France, you will make it grow worldwide.

You are also given the option to choose your train configuration: steam-powered locomotives or modern electric engines or whatever configuration is the best one to use. You must choose wisely. Now brace yourself and get ready for the fun!

Deck Elevens Railroads::By DeckEleven Entertainment Deck Elevens Railroads::By DeckEleven Entertainment Deck Elevens Railroads::By DeckEleven Entertainment Deck Elevens Railroads::By DeckEleven Entertainment Deck Elevens Railroads::By DeckEleven Entertainment

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Let me tell you how the game works. It is actually very easy and you will find yourself playing like a pro in no time. After you install the app, you will be given a first train to play with on a starting place. Based on your achievements, you will be unlocking other places to take your train.

You will have a series of icons to place railways, to add a railroad crossing, to clear the way; you are in control of what is done. Just make sure you complete the goal required for that map.

As mentioned before, the game is a strategic one so must be wise on what type of train you use for a particular task, for example. In every section of the way you will be given some transactions to complete to make some profit or to make purchases, which will depend on the type of train you have configures. Once you have done this, you will move on into fulfilling your empire with more and more train tracks connecting different cities in various locations.

So you are placed within this initial map in which you must connect Liverpool with Manchester through a series of taps to place more tracks to complete the goal. You must tap on the envelope with a trophy on the bottom left corner. You will have an initial task of transporting one passenger train. Once you complete this very simple task, you will complete the first level.

Now move on to the next map to complete the next goal. Make sure you connect both cities with the least amount of waypoints as you are being charged per minute. This means that you must be strategic on what tracks you will place where and what train you are going to use to complete it.

Move along as more and more maps are unlocked. Sometimes you will be asked to transport people, others to transport grain, others cattle, and a lot more stuff. You must tap on the buildings to find out what is their demand and offer. Go ahead and tap and supply yourself, take here and bring from there. Does it sound exciting already? That´s because it is!

Grow your railroad empire now and challenge your strategy skills and have tons of fun at the same time. This is a must download. 

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