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Diamond Find

31 Dec 2013

Diamond Find game review

You've developed a nasty addiction without even realizing it - you want diamonds, more than anything else in the world! Diamond Find is the ultimate addiction simulator and speed-reading trainer.

The massive branching story flashes past your eyes, starting slow, but as you progress and find more diamonds, the words speed up, putting you in a hypnotic diamond trance and intensifying the craving for that next glittering fix.

When you become Diamond Find Inc's adorable proprietors, Shannon and Brahma, you'll explore the gigantic landscape, choosing which path to take - do you explore the swamp for the fabled Diamond of the Marsh, or seek out God's Diamond in the abandoned church?











When the fiendish swamp lizard offers you its stew in exchange for a lizard-skin map, will you make an excuse and steal the map, or be good guests and eat the putrid goulash? Even the Mayor has a diamond for you, but do you carry out his evil assassination plot, or simply help him put up campaign posters?

The controls couldn't be simpler - if you want to choose the first option, tap Shannon, or otherwise tap Brahma, her mysterious snake friend whom she suspects is harbouring a dark secret. As you progress, you'll pick up hats, uniforms, and disguises, all to foil those who'd keep all the diamonds for themselves.

Will you find the magical crown that can turn you into diamond royalty, and if so, what diamond laws will you put in place? And is it really a good idea to get close to the pixie shaman, even though he says he can cast a diamond spell?

Can you trust anyone - even each other?100 unique HD diamonds lie hidden in the landscape, each with its own legend and backstory, but you only need to find 32 to spark the incredible diamond magic spoken of only in deranged lore.

Amass a dazzling collection and see if you can keep up with the shifting, non-linear story when your favourite diamonds start causing trouble back at Diamond Find Headquarters! The Confectioner's Diamond is one of the sweetest objects in the world, but what happens when it starts to give you cavities?

Luckily, the Dentist's Diamond is out there somewhere, coated in fluoride. You may even find a strange key on your journeys, but what does it open, and how valuable a diamond will you uncover when you hear that lock click?

Diamond Find is perfect for casual gamers who need a quiet moment alone to brighten their day, or for two players who want to read side-by-side, sharing the rush of pushing aside a secret door and finding a legendary diamond!

Argue over whether you should kill the quivering diamond monster in the sealed lab, or collaborate in a thrilling pumpkin duel with the evil scarecrow who wants the Halloweens Diamond for itself. The highly quotable prose offers massive replay value, and your hilarious adventure will terminate in one of 512 unique endings, all boiling down to the ultimate question: Will you find a diamond today?

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