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Diana the Talking Mermaid

17 Jun 2013

Diana the Talking Mermaid game review

Diana the Talking Mermaid is exactly what its name implies: It’s a lovely, talking mermaid that mimics your voice in a funny way!

Diana, the name of the mermaid apparently, will repeat whatever you say in a cute, funny voice. Just talking to her and hearing her repeat your words can surely keep you entertained but aside from that, you can also play the game by swiping, tapping and playing a fun pearl-matching game.

Diana the Talking Mermaid comes with amazing HD animations. You can do a lot of screen motion to make her move and do tricks.

Diana the Talking Mermaid::By DELCASDA PRODUCTIONS Diana the Talking Mermaid::By DELCASDA PRODUCTIONS

Diana the Talking Mermaid screenshots

When you swipe her from left to right or vice versa, she will rotate slowly whereas if you swipe her upwards or downwards, she will respond by doing a backflip dive. It’s quite an eye-candy watching her smooth movements.

It feels like playing with your very own mermaid Barbie doll in a virtual space. The main aspect of the game is talking to the mermaid and hearing her repeat what you say. When you listen closely, it actually sounds like a chipmunk version which makes it hilarious to hear.

You’ll have lots of fun conversing with Diana as she doesn’t sound like the typical soft-voiced mermaid. Diana will repeat your words relatively quickly when you talk at a normal speed. You can adjust your speed of speaking so you can hear her better.

The game offers various other interactive activities. When you tap the heart icon, Diana will motion to create a heart shape using her hands. When you press the lip icon, Diana will do a flying kiss movement.

At the lower right side, you’ll find a harp icon. Upon pressing this, three harp notes will appear. Diana will play different soothing melodies depending on what you choose. It’s best recommended that you play the game in a quiet environment to hear the sound effects properly.

The interface is mainly dominated by an ocean blue color to emphasize the mermaid’s ocean setting. When you open the app, you’ll immediately see the Play button in the middle. Once you click play, Diana appears with several icons on both sides.

The sound effects are fun to hear, and the harp melodies are relaxing to the ears. Another interesting thing about the game is the pearl-matching activity. When you tap the shell button, you’ll find a set of 28 shells with different types of pearls inside.

All you need to do is find the right pairs and match them. When you successfully match all of the pearls, you’ll earn more coins. It’s really an easy yet entertaining game especially for children. Diana the Talking Mermaid is certainly a charming and entertaining game for those who love talking/mimicking apps.

If you love mermaids, then this game is a must-try. Children and girls will especially love to play this game, and of course, adults who are young at heart.

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