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Digging Deep

17 Jun 2014

Digging Deep game review

 If you are fond of playing, block games, then Digging Deep is the ideal game for you. It is an exclusive mobile game application, which is Android and iPhone compatible, giving the user an adventurous experience to have a gala time with friends and family. Theapplication is simple to install and swift navigation process help anyone to enjoy the game.It is an infinite block digging game enjoyed by many fast trappers and crazy diggers.

A proper understanding of these characters is needed to understand the series of game and to easily play it. Eva, the sister of Guidance is specially gifted with Decoy with which she fights the enemy.

Digging Deep::By Bitrealms Studio Digging Deep::Bitrealms Studio Digging Deep::By Bitrealms Studio Digging Deep::Bitrealms Studio Digging Deep::Bitrealms Studio

Digging Deep screenshots


It falls into the category of puzzle games and mainly gives the user a testing phase as to how quickly response is given to the reflexes for mining the blocks relatively at high, medium or low speed.A long as you increase the speed of tapping the blocks you overcome undue challenges to diamond collections and other treasures.  The main format of the game is tapping the blocks at a swift speed and collection of as many as possible merely by fighting different challenges within the given time span. Try to escape the steel spike shoot and pass out all the levels amicable until the time run outs.

Digging Deep is the most popular game among youngsters in the age group of 10 to 25 years. It is been tagged as a fun game with some impressive features like:

  • Impressive graphics with a perfect blend of 3D inputs making the game appealing for different age groups
  • The use of varied blocks and backgrounds offer a fresh feel
  • The game is played using two types of control tabs using mouse icons straight over the blocks or you may make use of arrow taps.
  • The game works to have basic or advanced levels with funny characters who play to obey your orders.
  • The game has an impressive sound or light effect that invariably fits each of modes
  • Do whatever you feel like with the flexible icons that help you collect diamonds, fight obstacles and get a power-up
  • Inbuilt applications assist in shopping of lifts, mining gear, ladders, torches supports that helps the user to exchange diamonds for new levels and new characters
  • It is integrated with Google plus application that helps in sharing scores with relative players and gives you the opportunity to unlock basic achievements to competitively play the other four difficulty levels.
  • It may be inherited in free or paid version depending upon the user requirement.

How deep can you dig the game plan?

As the name suggests the digging option within the game is very vast, giving the players a great time to search for a large number of gems, ores or metals to make them fortunate masters of the game. You may further dig deep simply through discovering or upgrading the profits to a new level of mining. Just be careful to gather enough lifelines to fight the undue stucking of the mine charisma by crushing the rock falls. Overall the game has received five star rating from all those users either who have played it for the first time or constant players. According to many players, the game is a real addiction and becomes a favorite entertainer to pass time. Furthermore, it is simple to download and operate.


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