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Dino Bunker Defense

31 Mar 2014

Dino Bunker Defense game review

A spectacular game which boosts the gamer’s adrenaline to its peak. For thrill, excitement, graphics, extreme music Dino Bunker Defense is the best game to play and get entertained in both android mobile phones and tablets.

Win the dens which runs before the base camp by shooting various upgradable weapons, and special bombs. See new kind of Jurassic park in your tablets and mobile phones and experience the fully loaded extravaganza of extreme adventure game. 

The game starts with the story and continues with the angry dinosaurs. Very interesting game; play and enjoy the time with competitive energy.

Dino Bunker Defense::By ElectricSeed Games Dino Bunker Defense::By ElectricSeed Games Dino Bunker Defense::By ElectricSeed Games Dino Bunker Defense::By ElectricSeed Games Dino Bunker Defense::By ElectricSeed Games

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Ultimately, I gave Dino Bunker Defence to my son for his 9th Birthday. His extreme fantasy toward dinosaur starts from his room’s wall painting, custom made Tyrannosaurus bed, night light, bed sheets, and blankets, toothbrush, etc. I and my husband presented him an awesome cake which is also with all kinds of dinosaurs in the cake.

Then after the birthday cake cutting, I was calling my friends who were invited to the party dinner in my phone. Then I was waiting for the guest to come; at that moment, I thought of playing a game in my mobile.

I searched in Google play and just like that i type “Dino” then, here it came. I was surprised by this game in the apt situation and thought of playing it immediately. I downloaded it and started playing Dino Bunker Defense and I couldn’t manage the time to pause this game and greeting my friends for the birthday party. I immediately gave this game to my son and he loved it a lot more than any presents he received on his big day. I felt the same happiness. 

Right from the starting, story line till the end of all the game levels every act was very thrilling which made me to play it continuously. The concept if this game is very well executed as it revolves in a very simple concept, but the ultimate aim is to win the game.

The developers have designed Dino Bunker Defense is such a way that they have used the state of the art technique to graphically so lively as possible. The variety in weapons, the special bombs and most of all, the highlights are the dinosaurs.

Right from Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus, and Triceratops, I battled in this game. This game is for all genders which is really well balanced to maintain the thrill and the excitement of Dino Bunker Defense.

The main competition is when the time of killing the boss more than the small creatures. With all the powers of the Dinos, the beautifully crafted shooting arcade game have nailed in all the kinds of expectations of a gamer. Very addictive game to show your performance and skill to kill the dangerous living things lived before thousands and thousands of years.

Dino Bunker Defense is a spectacular and very appreciating game with full of graphics, music, excitement and every sort of thing which a gamer can expect. Dino Bunker Defense is a must have game on your android devices. 

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