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Dog Fight

21 Jun 2014

Dog Fight game review

Fun from games is now easily achieved from your mobile devices and you will be thoroughly satisfied before downloading them if you have an idea what they are first.

So before you make that purchase, allow us to give you the 411 on this yet another gaming app that might just be a craze in the future. Since interactive online games are a hit, this could be next for sure.

Today we’re going to give you Dogfight and you just might love it. Based on our standard… well you will find out as you read on.

Dog Fight::By FoxCom s.r.o. Dog Fight::By FoxCom s.r.o. Dog Fight::By FoxCom s.r.o. Dog Fight::By FoxCom s.r.o. Dog Fight::By FoxCom s.r.o.

Dog Fight screenshots


Calling all gamers who are into action and adventure, this game just might be the perfect app for you. Whether you are using iOS or Android, this game would be perfect for your mobile device. Gone are the days when most games are just exclusive for iOS subscribers because now, even Android owners can enjoy them too! I used to think that was a little bit discriminatory before and I’m just so glad those days are over. So if you’re an Android user, you will surely enjoy this action packed game as well.

This can be played alone and you can also interact with other gamers that are online! MMORPG is now a hit and this app is definitely going with that flow. Let’s tackle the design first and we have to say that for a new app, it’s up for a good start. The colors are not too bright and not too vague as well. So far, it’s just okay to the eyes. BUT… if the colors are just a little bit brighter, it probably won’t harm it either way like it could still be improved. There is still room for improvements for the design but it is good enough for the free app.

When it comes to the interface, it’s pretty easy to use it. The first time you will open this game won’t give you a hard time finding out which button to press so you could start. Even for people who are not that tech savvy, they will find it user friendly. You will love how you could create your own character here and make it closed on how you look like in person so your playmates have an idea of what you look like. That has to be pretty interesting. Navigation is pretty awesome but not quite there yet.

So if you’re up for some online action challenges, this game is going to be perfect. We would recommend that you use a tablet or an iPad to get to feel more of the game. But it’s still good if you have just your iPhone or Android phone, just saying you would probably appreciate it more if you have a bigger screen. Driving a plane on your device would be pretty closed to reality if the screen is wider. Hope you enjoyed this app review!


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