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11 Nov 2013

Doptrix game review

When you first see Doptrix for Android you’ll think it’s just a remake of this classic Russian game Tetris, but it has one unique feature that makes it different. This game literally turns Tetris on its head.

Although Doptrix uses the same four-block shape moving premise as Tetris, it lets the player dictate the direction of play as they choose. It also lets players decide what angle and from which position a shape approaches the grid.

Players can flip and rotate the game board (or screen) and place the descending shapes in any dimension. Success in this game involves manipulating the board to catch and slot pieces, just like Tetris, but if your new shape doesn’t touch another it flies off into the ether. If your piece doesn’t fit in with its buddies, then you’ve lost the game and you’ll have to start over.

Doptrix::by Stanislav Merezhko Doptrix::by Stanislav Merezhko Doptrix::by Stanislav Merezhko Doptrix::by Stanislav Merezhko

Doptrix screenshots

You can use touch and drag controls to rotate your board by 360 degrees, or even turn it right over. Another twist is the lack of timer, which adds a thoughtful, strategic air to the proceedings. If you like strategy games, then you’ll love Doptrix. You need to think things out as you go along, rather than knee-jerking your way through an ever faster maze of shapes.

Doptrix stores the shapes at the bottom of the screen, and shape is active while the other hangs back, letting you know it’s next. On the upper part of the screen is the moving game board.

There are three play modes here – Classic, Alternative and Puzzle. Classic involves very familiar Tetris-style shapes which you can move left or right before sending them up to the game board. In Alternative mode you have the same shapes, but you can’t move them left or right before launching them, which is where your cunning and strategy comes in.

Puzzle mode asks players to solve a series of shape puzzles, which makes a tough game even more challenging. There are ten puzzles available now, with more in the pipeline.

The graphics in Doptrix are clean and simple, with no frills and fripperies. You can, however, use various themes, like green grass and starry skies, to add colour and interest to your board.

The layout is very logical and simple, and you’ll start off with a detailed tutorial that makes starting off very easy. Once you get the hang of rotating and flipping the board, you’ll revel in the sheer simplicity of this app.

Completely free to download, with no in-app purchases or ads to bug and/or tempt you. You want a simple game, and you get a simple game. Many free apps feature irritating adverts and hustle money out of you somehow, and the fact that Doptrix doesn’t makes it even more appealing.

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