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Dragon Kingdom

05 Apr 2014

Dragon Kingdom (en) game review

Dragon Kingdom is an incredibly engaging online strategy game which immerses you in a world of adventure filled with pirates, monsters, dragons, and more.

In Dragon Kingdom, you and others around the world will all be building the best kingdoms possible. The game starts simply as you create your hero and get into a tutorial that will help you get the hang of things.

Even when the tutorial finishes, you will have helpful pop-up hints to give you the information that you need to get on your way.

Dragon Kingdom (en)::By X6 Game Dragon Kingdom (en)::By X6 Game Dragon Kingdom (en)::By X6 Game Dragon Kingdom (en)::By X6 Game

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The tutorial and in-game hints are very helpful, because while this is a simple game at its core, there is a lot of depth here. The help that the game provides keeps the game from overwhelming you and allows you to enjoy all of the features, instead of being confused by them.

Being a king isn't easy, and in Dragon Kingdom you will build lumber mills, farmhouses, a blacksmith's store, and many other places that will help your kingdom to become the greatest in all of the land.

Wood, ore, and other researches will be consumed as you build things. Then, you use the Quest menu to find things to do, such as slaying pirates or constructing new buildings, and so on. When you complete the quick, fun quests, you get rewards that help you to meet your ultimate goals.

Eventually, you can explore the world outside of your kingdom, but you will also need warriors to defend your kingdom from harm. The battle mechanic is very intuitive and easy to do. Best of all, the developers of Dragon Kingdom keep adding new features all of the time, such as legendary hero recruitment in the legion tavern, a reputation system that helps you to recruit these heroes or buy equipment, and the ability to level up your legion.

Now, you can also experience a new instance in the form of the Grave of Dragon, which will challenge even the most experienced players. To help you to tackle such a challenge, you can use the new equipment enchanting system to give your equipment new powers.

Also, your older heroes will be able to transfer experience and growth value to the newer heroes to keep you forces strong and at the ready. These kinds of updates only give Dragon Kingdom even more value.

It's nice to know that even when you think you have experienced everything that this deep, addictive game has to offer, more things will continue to be added that can be easily accessed by updating the game for free through Google Play.

Dragon Kingdom continues to be one of the best strategic gameplay experiences that you can find for your Android mobile device of choice. Learning the basics is very easy, and the in-game tutorials and help screens will have you playing like a pro in no time, and before you know it, you will be off slaying dragons and living the life of a great king alongside others just like you from around the world!

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