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Driftkhana Freestyle Drift

21 Apr 2014

Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App game review

Driftkhana is a freestyle car driving game where players can drift around turns and do different stunts in dynamic fashion.

The name “Driftkhana” is based off of the real-life driving event called gymkhana, where drivers use rally cars to do impressive stunts and routines as part of a competition.

The object in this game is not to score points or race around a course as fast as you can, but instead simply to have a great time.

Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App::By Rumbl Media Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App::By Rumbl Media Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App::By Rumbl Media Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App::By Rumbl Media Driftkhana Freestyle Drift App::By Rumbl Media

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Thankfully, this game gives you all of the tools that you need to do just that, with a huge open area that appears to be a long abandoned military base in the desert somewhere. There are many objects around that can be customized and moved so that you can do sweet stunts, such as ramps of different sizes, huge road cones, bouncy beach balls, and others.

This game obviously was the result of a lot of hard work by the developer, Rumbl Media. It certainly shows because of the game's very impressive graphics, incredibly realistic driving physics and visual effects, such as smoke from your tires as you drift around the course like something out of a Fast and the Furious movie.

You can even customize the amount of smoke and other similar effects to your liking. Making the experience even more cinematic and customizable are the multiple camera views that can easily be selected and changed on a whim by players to make the game more enjoyable for them.

This really allows you to play the game just the way that you want without being locked into a default camera view like in other racing games you might find on Android devices. All of these bells and whistles would be for naught if the controls weren't on point.

Thankfully, Driftkhana has very responsive controls that provide just the right blend of challenge, realism, and of course, fun. You can also count on realistic sound effects that include skidding as your tires try to retain traction around tight turns.

The game even has some fun secret Easter eggs. For instance, if you position the ramp just right, you can actually jump your car over the fence and start drifting around the open desert! Through play and experimentation, there are lots of fun things you can do within Driftkhana.

Afterward, you can relive your best moments with the video replay option, which ensures that you can enjoy those times again and again. This game is living proof that you can make a fun, amusing driving game for touchscreen devices.

Whether you're doing donuts and watching the smoke come off your tires, drifting around barrels or placing ramps for huge, death defying jumps, you will be sure to have a great time testing the limits of both your car and your driving ability within Driftkhana.

If you love action packed driving and you are looking for a fun way to pass time on your Android device, this game is an excellent choice, without a doubt.

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