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12 Apr 2014

Drisk game review

Drisk is played almost exactly like the board game, where each player picks a colour and has his/her initial territory, which they must expand by attacking and seizing fellow players’ land, until one player rules all!

The game looks and feels very retro, which is great for the nostalgic types, and features such as sliding controls and the overall design of this app successfully brings this family favourite into the 21st century.

Many of us around the world have the following childhood memory: A group of teenagers yelling and fighting over a map full of colourful dots on top, completely absorbed in their strategies to get back their precious stolen land. So what does this have to do with reviewing the Drisk app? Yes, you guessed it, Drisk is the app version of the family favourite board games ‘Risk’.

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Games like Drisk are popping up all over the place, but never quite like this. The graphics are very nice, simple and straight to the point.

While some younger players may think it would be nice to actually see your army moving in on enemy territory, blood and guts flying everywhere, for this particular app the simple changing colours and numbers on a screen suffice for a fantastic gaming experience. There are various different ways to explore this game, such as playing alone against the computer with up to five opponents, multiplayer (also up to five opponents) and a bonus feature not possible with the old school board game: New worlds to explore and conquer!

While gameplay is easy and straightforward, there is no tutorial at the beginning to acquaint you with strategy, so if you are one of the few human beings who did not play Risk as a child, you’ll have to take your time and maybe lose a few rounds before getting the hang of it. Everything in this game is instinctual, which can be a bit daunting, but that’s the appeal of it. Having no tutorial whatsoever pretty much forces you to come up with a winning strategy completely on your own. It is the kind of game where you have to use your noodle, sit and think your strategy over at every move.

Now if you believe you’re not the type to enjoy strategy or war-themed games, this is definitely going to be an exception to that rule, as this is one of the most addictive versions of Risk out there to date. Perhaps the mere idea of ruling the world is the appeal of it, or maybe it’s getting totally engaged in your strategy for a few hours, forgetting about everything else that’s going on around you. Could even be just the pretty colours and numbers flickering in the screen. Either way, it’s a great little free Android app available at the Google Play Store, worth the time and energy (and maybe even the slightly elevated blood pressure). It is truly the kind of game that’ll have you sitting in the train and yelling expletives at your phone every time you lose a territory while frightened commuters move away! Yes, it’s that engaging!

In all, this is a great app, a true gem in the ‘strategy’ genre of games. Even if you’re not a fan of this type of game, give it a go. It is as fun, challenging and, let’s be honest, stressful as they come, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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