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Dungeon Hunter 3

16 Apr 2014

Dungeon Hunter 3 game review

Dungeon Hunter 3 is, as the title clearly states, the third installment in the Dungeon Hunter franchise. They have however done something slightly different in this game.

In the first two games you actually had to adventure through dungeons with the goal of collecting experience points and loot in the hopes of leveling up and advancing.

While the premise of getting experience and loot has stayed relatively the same, adventuring through dungeons is no longer part of the experience; it is now a more arena based style of game. When you start playing the game you are prompted to create your character.

This base character will remain the same throughout the game, with the only changes being made; coming from the gear you decide to outfit him with. There are four classes to choose from, with each offering a different and distinctive style of play.

Dungeon Hunter 3::by Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 3::by Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 3::by Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 3::by Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 3::by Gameloft

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The warlord portrays the standard melee class character, the astromancer uses magic to inflict damage, the trickster uses bows and short swords and the shaman uses both magic and hand to hand combat to fight its foes. In the game there are four worlds for the player to progress through, each world has four distinctly different environments, and each environment has five different difficulty levels too it. Each arena that you enter has a main objective, which is defeating the boss, as well as three optional objectives that you can complete for a bonus of gold and experience. As you progress you gain experience to level yourself up and you loot gold, which you can use to upgrade your weapons and accessories as well as buy potions. 

Leveling up in this game only serves one purpose, to unlock additional equipment for you to buy and use, however it was noticed pretty much from the get go that the prices for these pieces of equipment are far higher than what could normally be had at that point with a single play through. Meaning that you would have to go back and replay levels just to get the gold needed to upgrade. And once you actually initiated the upgrade, you had to wait for at least 30 minutes while these upgrades where applied. By the third tear of upgrades, the wait time had already escalated to over four hours, which is pretty untollorable. An alternative to spending gold would be to spend gems, these however cannot be attained through the course of normal game play. 

Being a free to play game this game is pretty fun and extensive, if you don’t mind grinding for the gold then it will last a long time and still be fun. Every environment has its own distinctive look, and the music is powerful and toned properly for the game. One of the great advancements they have made in this game is the combat controls, they have been made way more accessible and the animations are much smoother, making for a much more effective game play. While this is already a fun game to play, we feel that the anticipated addition of multi-player in the next update will make it even more fun, and will make the games popularity sky-rocket.

The diamonds are very key in this game, because there are four waves in a level. You are only allowed to carry so many health potions. Despite the great controls and graphics, and gameplay, it is dissapointing that game is very hard so you have to pay (in app purchases) to get through the game.

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