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Escape From Creepy Lab

18 Oct 2013

Escape From Creepy Lab game review

Escape from Creepy Lab is an adventure game for Android mobile devices that all kinds of players will enjoy.

In Escape from Creepy Lab, your worst nightmares are confirmed. You wake up in a mysterious and creepy laboratory, where a crazy scientist has placed you so that he can run terrible experiments on you as you remain helpless.

Fortunately, you are not so helpless after all and you immediately start to plot your escape from the creepy lab and the certain doom that it represents.

Escape From Creepy Lab::By Zbigniew Ross Escape From Creepy Lab::By Zbigniew Ross Escape From Creepy Lab::By Zbigniew Ross Escape From Creepy Lab::By Zbigniew Ross Escape From Creepy Lab::By Zbigniew Ross

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It will not be easy, but you must use your problem solving skills to help your character escape safely! Throughout the game, you will run into many different obstacles as you guide your character around by tapping areas of the screen that you want him to move to.

You can also hold an area to keep him walking in the corresponding direction in relation to where he is. Of course, the game is not as easy as it sounds! There will be dangerous creatures to avoid, like zombies and robots, as well as traps that could spell your doom if you become ensnared in them.

Fortunately, you can easily interact with areas via the on-screen buttons to open doors, go up ladders, teleport to different areas of the screen, and so forth. You will also find different tools and objects that will help you as you continue your adventure, such as key cards that are color-coded and get you into doors with the corresponding color panels next to them.

The game starts with a helpful tutorial that gets you used to playing Escape from Creepy Lab in a natural, fun, and user-friendly manner. In the tutorial, you will quickly learn how to move your character, use ladders and poles to go up levels or slide down below to lower areas, and interact with objects such as buttons that must be pressed to open doors.

Within the game, you can also use helpful arrow keys in the upper right of the game screen to either zoom in or out on your character and the surrounding area. This is a good way to get a better idea of your environment, and the arrows are large enough to easily press them, but small enough to not get in the way of what you need to see within the level.

The same can be said for the unobstructive buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen that let you do simple actions that are required at some times throughout the game. You can make some small customizations to the game in the options menu, as you are able to enable or disable sounds as well as additional lighting effects within the game.

Escape from Creepy Lab is an outstanding adventure game with fun, old-school graphics, addictive gameplay and levels that can range from simply fun to downright challenging. Play this game for a few minutes and you will be hooked as you do your best to escape from the clutches of the crazy scientist.

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