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Extreme Skater

19 Apr 2014

Extreme Skater game review

Extreme skater is a snowboarding game and has been made by the same creators as another snowboarding game by the name of iStunt 2. If you have played iStunt2 then you will find a lot of similarities between these two games. 

When you go on holiday to laze around reading a book, well think of Extreme Skater as the gaming substitute. Whilst the game is not too complex it is very fascinating and contains plenty of challenges which will keep hold of your attention.

The game has a lot of potential and sells itself well making you want to have a try. The game is very quick, precise and is not too confusing.

The genre of extreme sporting appears to be having a revival in the gaming world and particular on mobile devices. Every few days or so and players will be presented with a new exciting game pumped with adrenaline enticing games.

Extreme Skater::by Miniclip Extreme Skater::by Miniclip Extreme Skater::by Miniclip Extreme Skater::by Miniclip Extreme Skater::by Miniclip

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Within each level the player will find various barriers and this particular game manages to reveal these barriers at a suitable pace without overwhelming the player by throwing them all in at once. One example is that the player is simply required at first to hop over a hole in the track but as the game progresses the barriers will become more complex with the player having to try and hold onto a rope at the exact precise time in order to be able to get from harms way.

In each level you will also see grind rails occurring regularly which will provide a special route direct through the trails. In other levels however the player will be presented with a fork road and the play will have to make the decision of which route to take. If you pick the correct route then you may be presented with a bonus.

At the end of each stage there will be a crystal. Once you have found this then you will be able to go to the next stage. There is more to each stage though then just reaching the crystal at the end. Within each stage there are three assignments. These assignments can range from attempting to discover a secret location of accumulating money. These tasks are important as they provide extra challenges to a game that without them may be deemed too easy.

Money is randomly placed around the stages and once collected can be spent on extra items such as purchasing a better snow board, or opening the ability to perform new manoeuvres. Once you have opened these new tricks there will be a short lesson which will tell you how to perform these new skills to your advantage and to progress through the game more thoroughly.

To buy these tricks you have to accumulate money which can be found on each stage. After purchasing it, you are then provided with the lesson on how to use it. You do not require these in order to complete levels however they will help you in earning a higher score. The tricks will also make the game a lot more fun to play. The tricks will make you feel like a professional snowboarder when you can perform all these amazing tricks and certainly do crank up the entertainment value.

The stages all have different environments ranging from pits filled with relics from the dinosaur era to industrial estates filled with pipes. These stages will have many tasks for you to finish in addition to the secret pathways which you can only open once you have got your skater ranked higher based on the amount of skills he can do.

Surprisingly I was both surprised yet unimpressed by the commands for the game. To describe them in basic terms all you had to do was tilt the device from side to side to make the skater move. This same command is used to make the skater land correctly and also to do jumps in the air.

The game requires you to learn the manoeuvres in order to progress but keeps it pretty straight forward and does not over complicate matters. There are also options for the more experienced player. Whilst it is not the most adrenaline pumped game I have played it is still a good game and provides an lighter fun alternative which is priced very reasonably.

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