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EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest

31 Oct 2013

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest game review

You can step into the character of a whimsical bunny hero when you download the EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest on your mobile device.

You can take up a challenge with your friends or family or even alone when you pick the items that you need after each level as quickly and accurate as possible as you see yourself heading to glory in this game of hidden items.

You are expected to find a lot of hidden objects from planes, shoes, candies, cakes and a lot more things which would  take you to glory. It is a colorful and wonderfully  game that is open to a lot of people of various age.

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest::By Rojo SEA EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest::By Rojo SEA EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest::By Rojo SEA EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest::By Rojo SEA EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest::By Rojo SEA

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest screenshots

This fun-loving game is very engaging. Watch time fly by as you help cute little bunnies defeat demons. The friendly use of this game is what makes it possible for kids to play the game. The concept of the game is to find hidden objects, aided by your best eye for clues. The number of hidden objects you collect, the better are your scores. This app starts out at a very easy level. There is a consistent increase in the difficulty of the game. It enhances your memory, making you sharper and cleverer.

There is however the time factor to be considered. Every level puts 60 seconds up on the countdown clock and it’s up to you to find all the right hidden objects in time. 

The 50 levels involve frantic searching for hidden objects. Each of these level has a different reward when you are quick and accurate to pick your hidden items. How do you achieve this? Simple, all you need do is scroll through brightly adorned tapestries of objects with only a simple clue to guide you! Every level will hand you a single clue in the form of a word or two - from there it’s up to you to wade through a field of random objects to find everything you need and ignore everything you don’t! 

You can even post your high scores on Facebook and check out your friends’ scores. If needed, you can also ask them for a boost in your levels. You can earn reward points for all the exceptional work you put in. Accuracy and quickness are also rewarded here.
To know how to play this game, just go with it. Click on the spots where you find the objects. It cannot get simpler than that. If you have played Criminal Case on Facebook, then you probably have good pre-hand knowledge of this game.

This app has a very appealing look. The app is brightly colored, attracting kids of all ages. It is a new kind of detective game that is minus all the seriousness of a classic mystery game. This app sharpens your focusing and identification skills. It can be an effective and dynamic learning platform for all toddlers.

There are lots of diverse challenges that are vibrantly colorful in picture that would catch your attention. 

It is a mentally engaging fun that doubles as an awesome learning experience. If you are still wondering how to spice your idle moments, you have gotten an easy way to do. You are going to love this game.

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