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Fallin Chip Tour

23 Mar 2014

Fallin Chip Tour game review

Fallin’ chip tour. A nice fun loving game with warming music will make you sit in the same place for hours. The features of the game are designed in such a way that, the game is motivated by 8 different goals and around 200 levels in 10 different worlds.

Every level has to get unlocked to move on to the next level of the game. Spectacular Graphics and great music enable the player to travel more of the Fallin’ chip tour as ever before.

A very addictive game to continue the passion of Fallin’ chip tour forever. I was planning to go out for lunch alone because of a very busy morning with long hours of meeting. 

Fallin Chip Tour::By xTijer Games Fallin Chip Tour::By xTijer Games Fallin Chip Tour::By xTijer Games Fallin Chip Tour::By xTijer Games Fallin Chip Tour::By xTijer Games

Fallin Chip Tour screenshots

Just ate sandwich with a nice cup of black coffee. Resting myself and prepping up about the next moves in the office. I was browsing Google play searching for some anticipating apps. At that time, I came across Fallin’ chip tour.

This game is a kind of interesting at the same time very practical statistics to endeavor. Easy game which started slowly but when the time goes by, the game starts were speeding up with the chips falling. Fallin’ chip tour is a spectacular time management game which took by half day work’s time. It consumed my work time.

I went home and continued playing forgot about the official party which we’ve planned in my office today. A very addictive game it is. Very anticipating game I have ever played. Being a Marketing Manager in my company and for my team, this is just a nice game which I asked my team to play as I never supported them to play games in their Android devices.

The new and the inspiring technique the developers used in this game is the thing main special aspect which made the gamers to play it continuously for so long.

Fallin’ chip tour is a beautifully designed for Android devices. I first tried it on my smart phone and then in my tablet for the big screen experience. Both gave me the energy and the strength to my other work in a better stamina.

Though I’m single completely immersed in my marketing world meeting with many people, culture, etc.; I never came up with a companion after the meeting or from a party. But this time it is kind of a different. I went to a party and came back with two beautiful girls who they just saw me playing this game with just a drink.

Really worth the game, I relaxed in the morning, enjoyed the night and really planned to write a feedback about this game. Please download Fallin’ chip tour and see the result of this game as never before. It is the new trend and it is in the fashion for making new friends and this game is really a style statement.

A must have game in the Android devices you have to make an inspiration or get inspired by. Fallin’ chip tour is for the people who love to explore and make a difference in the living hereafter.  

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