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Fight Trainer

16 Jan 2014

Fight Trainer game review

Fight Trainer is pretty small but very addictive arcade game.

It is more like a tool to train your reaction and agility. These properties could be useful in other games too. The game has dojo style with different additional mechanical tools and trainers that allow making exercises much more tough and dangerous. Game has vivid graphics.

In-game menus try to create martial arts atmosphere and get you in the fighting mood. There are three training modes. The first is Storm of Blades.

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You move the player chip in order to avoid chaotically moving mechanisms and spiky walls. This mode trains your agility, reaction and good eye. Do not get yourself caught in a corner, find a way out of difficult situations and prevent getting in dead-end situations.

This mode requires the most of your skills. However there is always a feeling that you can do better, that there is room for improvement. You die because you were too slow, were sloppy near wall or picked wrong corner.

Player chip is controlled by moving finger on the screen. It's like a touch-pad so there is no need to hold finger right above the chip. This allows seeing what happens around the player. When you think it's time to try something else go to the second mode.

It presents different challenge. The second mode is Punchfest. You are placed in the room with mechanical punching gloves in the walls. You need to dodge gloves by tapping on the safe places of the room. At the beginning the gloves punch one by one.

Then they start working simultaneously and the game speeds up the pace. You have to think fast and be quick in this mode. The controls differ from the first mode. Tap on any place in the room and the player instantly jumps to the new position.

The third mode is Kick Them All or Kick the Bucket. The player sees training paws with decreasing timer. You've got only few moments to hit the paw. Otherwise it hits you and the game is over. This mode trains speed and accuracy.

The best way to play this mode is to use your two thumbs to tap paws. Only one tap is allowed at the same time. The player can keep track of his progress in the statistics screen. There are pages with chart and diagram.

Some game actions are rewarded by achievements. Show some skill and get a black belt. Show tenacity and get corresponding badge. Scoreloop is used for global leader boards. Check them if you want to know how your results stack up.

You can also look for friends and see what games they are playing. Fight Trainer can help you sharpen your reaction and agility which will help to win in other games.

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