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Fling a Thing

20 Mar 2014

Fling a Thing game review

Fling a Thing by Big Blue Bubble is a simple game, but it will have you hooked in minutes. The principle of this 99c game is so simple and elegant, and its parts work together so well, that you’ll be playing it again and again.

Fling a Thing is way more than the sum of its parts, as all its elements work so well together. The sounds work with the graphics which work with the action and level progression. You get the picture.

You know loaches? The fish that suck on to the glass in fish tanks, slowly slithering along the glass as they eat the algae growing there? Weird-looking creatures, eh? Imagine them with wings and you’re getting the idea. These winged loaches – or “suckies” as they’re called - are central to the action, as you have to pull back their tails and send them shooting through the air to pop bubbles.

Fling a Thing::by Big Blue Bubble Fling a Thing::by Big Blue Bubble Fling a Thing::by Big Blue Bubble Fling a Thing::by Big Blue Bubble Fling a Thing::by Big Blue Bubble

Fling a Thing screenshots

Sounds easy enough, but there’s quite a bit of a skill to it. You need to aim your “suckies” properly in order to take out as many bubbles as possible. You have to clear each level using as few “suckies” as possible, and you only have a limited number of these critters. This means you need a bit of planning and forethought or you’ll fail the levels. You run out of animals eventually, but you should have beaten your previous best score if you’re doing it right.

Big Blue Bubble has included a few extras to keep your attention, too. There are various power-ups, like a special magnet that bursts nearby bubbles, and a leaf that gives you extra shots are examples. These power-ups float around the screen at random intervals and you have to aim your “suckies” at them to collect.

There are also a lot of unlockable features, like new animals and environments, as well as upgrades for the power-ups. These are all purchased by the stars that you earn throughout the game, and you can also buy this in-game currency within the app. The unlockables are also a huge draw for addicts of this game, as they brighten up an already great game experience.

So, most of the game involves stretching and flinging these strange things around the screen to pop bubbles and collect power-ups, but there are a few twists and turns here and there. As you progress up the levels, you’ll have to fling your things higher and harder, there are also randomized level layouts and collectibles that alter the game significantly.

You can also collect more stars if they appear at random, or earn them by sidetracking into a mini-game that involves feeding a virtual pet. These stars are important because they are the key to unlocking new games, levels, features and worlds, and they can also upgrade power-ups.

You will want to play Fling a Thing again and again, and this is the hallmark of a successful mobile game.

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