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Flutter Fish

18 Feb 2014

Flutter Fish game review

Flutter Fish is something which I would suggest if you ask me for a new action game. Don’t go with the cute fluffy fish figure. This one is really a nice action arcade game which is now available on Android devices.

Playing this game has really been an astonishing experience for me. Truthfully speaking, I had considered this game to be another clone game of the flapping bird. Come on, you find similar game ideas every other day. 

They have become so common and the reason I downloaded this game was checking about gameplay and how much fun this game is to play. We all know of success story of Flappy Bird game. Can Flutter Fish game repeat success of Flappy Bird? Lets hope it will.

Flutter Fish::By Space Tomato Flutter Fish::By Space Tomato Flutter Fish::By Space Tomato

Flutter Fish screenshots

Having played this game and experienced the fun and action of Flutter Fish, I would say that this game is certainly not a clone. I haven’t played a game like this before. Of course, I won’t say it’s the best game ever, but it is seriously worth having on your phone.

Have you ever been too bored? You get so bored that even when you have plenty of stuff lined up which you need to do and which you love doing, you don’t feel like doing it.

Such type of boredom is really bad and to overcome that you need something good enough. Something that is capable of relieving human brain from such kind of boredom and Flutter Fish gets 5 out 5 in that part.

The game is fun and lovely. Oh my god! I really wished that I could enter the world of Flutter Fish, the real one and do all that action myself. It’s so fun. The user interface of the game and the good graphics have made the experience more enjoyful.

One needs to swim through the obstacles that come into his path. You can dive or jump. All you need to do is avoid getting yourself stuck with the obstacles. Yes, you, the Flutter Fish. You would act as that cute and fluffy fish (which is too adorable that you would spare at least ten minutes just to see and admire the appearance of that fish in the game) & while acting like a fish, you would need to swim through passing and tackling all those obstacles.

And if I had not played that game myself, I wouldn’t have even imagined how fun it is. The game is very surprising and awe-inspiring. One thing I always admire about such type of games is the kind of self control and self development one goes through. Playing such games really does affect your nervous system and make you more responsive and a quick thinker.

This game is not a clone and that’s the valid enough part to convince anyone to play a game like Flutter Fish. I am seriously not asking you to trust me on my opinion of this game.

Try it yourself and I bet it would be the same as my experience. I have already recommended this to my friends and family and all of them are loving it. In fact, all of them are always busy playing Flutter Fish. What about you? 

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