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Fly Chooky Fly

19 Feb 2014

Fly Chooky Fly game review

While the whole world is going through a flappy bird fever, that’s what I call it, I wanted to try out one more game like that and so searched the app store for a good ‘Flappy type’ game and I ended up with this Fly Chooky Fly.

The initial reason for choosing this game instead of the hundreds of others was the reviews. There had been many people in my friend circle who had advised me to try Fly Chooky Fly.

Some called it even better than the original. Is that true? What Fly Chooky Fly is actually? 

Fly Chooky Fly::By Mobile Amusements Fly Chooky Fly::By Mobile Amusements Fly Chooky Fly::By Mobile Amusements

Fly Chooky Fly screenshots

The game is a simple arcade action game which has a bird as the only character in the game. 

The objective of the game is to make the bird go for the longest distance without hitting any obstacles. As soon as the bird hits any obstacle, the game is over. The bird keeps moving continuously towards the right side and the different kind of obstacles keeps coming in his way which needs to be crossed without getting hit.

The Fly Chooky Fly is mostly famous for the kind of difficulty level it has. It is actually very difficult to overcome some obstacles and it seems like those are just impossible to cross. That’s where the fun and addicting part comes. You keep on trying to go further and further and you keep trying until you get too tired to play or have some really important work to do.

The addiction towards this kind of game is known all over the world, but now, when hundreds of such games are available it becomes difficult to choose a best one from all of them. In that context, Fly Chooky Fly is one of the strongest contenders.

The special unavoidable features of Fly Chooky Fly make it such a nice choice. First of all, the app is completely ad free and requires no permissions to download. Isn’t that good? Once you download the app, you can enjoy a disturbance free gaming experience. 

It does take some time to get comfortable with the game for you need balance the jumps correctly but that’s all upon you. The game has been perfectly designed with no flaws. At least, there wasn’t any noticed by me while I was playing the game. The environment in which the game is set is also too cool which adds up to the wonderful experience of the game.

The social networking options let you connect your game to Facebook and Twitter. While everyone on the social networking sites are boasting of their high scores, why should you lag behind?

This isn’t the first game of this kind that I’ve played, but I would certainly rate it as one of the best games in that category. The experience with this game has been a good one, without any distractions and irritating game bugs. If I had to suggest any game to my friend, Fly Chooky Fly would be one of the top ones that I would suggest. It is really good. 

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Download Fly Chooky Fly from Android market

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