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Football Logo Quiz Plus

23 Oct 2013

Football Logo Quiz Plus game review

Football Logo Quiz Plus is a very addictive and fun quiz game that you can play from anywhere in the world thanks to your mobile Android device.

In Football Logo Quiz Plus, the premise of the game is quite simple, as you are shown logos from the world's best football teams and asked to identify them.

If that sounds easy, remember that key words are taken out of the logos, so you may feel like you remember one or another of them, but not be able to come up with the actual name of the football club.

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Football Logo Quiz Plus screenshots

We can all remember the logos of clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, but are you a big enough football fan to guess them all? This game could become frustrating if it was difficult to import your guesses, but the game is incredibly well designed to avoid such frustration.

As you play this game, you will actually find it to be a very stress-free experience that helps you to relax and have fun at the same time with its simple guessing gameplay. The game is comprised of several stages, and each stage has harder logos to guess than the one before it.

As you enter a stage, you will see a bunch of football club logos on the screen in three columns. When you see one that you recognize, guessing it is as simple as touching the particular logo and typing your guess on the Android keyboard that comes up automatically on the next screen.

The keyboard only sits on the bottom half of the screen, so you can still view the logo. If you get your answer wrong, a funny “uh-oh” sound effect is heard and an angry or sad smiley face shakes its head in disapproval playfully.

You can easily enter another guess if the answer comes to you or if you just made a typing error, as the keyboard stays in place. If you answered with the right football club, a satisfying “ding” sound effect plays and you get a nice big smile from the blue smiley icon.

The game will zip you back to the stage screen filled with logos, and you'll notice a check mark next to the logo that you just identified correctly. Of course, games like this need hint systems, and you can get a hint at any time via an easy to access button that gives you up to three hints per logo.

When you first start the game, only one stage is available, but answering at least 8 of the 31 logos from that first stage opens up the second stage, and answering some of the second stage logos correctly opens up the third.

This goes on and on through all of the stages, as there are 390 logos to guess in all. About 30 logos are available in each stage to guess. Options allow you to turn on or off sound effects and other features, and you can track your high scores easily through Swarm.

This game is definitely one of the more addictive quiz games available for Android devices, and you can easily spend hours guessing the logos of the world's best football clubs. If you're a football fan looking for a quick, fun game, this is the one for you.

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