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Friendly Frog - The Game

20 Jan 2014

Friendly Frog - The Game game review

Hop, snatch and crunch down rain forest insects with Freddie the friendly frog.

Friendly Frog, is an arcade game in which you use your finger to direct Freddie the frog’s actions so as to protect his lily pads and consume the rain forest bugs to gain points.

Once you start the game, you have the option to select between daytime and nighttime levels, which are both equally as beautiful graphically, specifically the shadows of the fish in the water.

Friendly Frog - The Game::By Friendly Frog Interactive Ltd Friendly Frog - The Game::By Friendly Frog Interactive Ltd Friendly Frog - The Game::By Friendly Frog Interactive Ltd

Friendly Frog - The Game screenshots

The physics of the game are flawless as Freddie the frog hops between the lily pads in order to gain an angle on opponents on either side of the screen. The high definition graphics, achievements, high scores and easy to learn gameplay, surely will make Friendly Frog a very fun and addicting game for both children and adults alike.

As the rainforest insects land on or bump the lily pads they will start sinking in the water the idea of the game is to eliminate all insects before the pads sink and the fish jumps out of the water and eats poor Freddie Frog.

To move the frog from pad to pad place your finger on the pad you wish him to rest and protect. There are two ways to eliminate the rain forest insects on each level. You can aim the frog’s tongue by placing your finger on the screen where you want to project his tongue to catch the insects.

As the tongue retracts with bugs you must help him eat them by tapping on the frog, the faster you tap the faster he will eat, the larger the insect the more you will have to tap. At the bottom of the screen frog’s spawn will appear these are known as the spawn bombs.

These spawn bombs when sent off across the screen by a simple flick will eliminate all insects in their path. If you are able to eat or kill all the rainforest insects before the lily pads sink or the fish eats the frog you will be given bonus points based on the percentage of the lily pads which remain above the water line.

This fun and addictive game has 36 levels and is available on both Apple and Android platforms. Once you have managed to work your way through the 18 day levels you can then challenge your skills on the night levels where the insect speed increases.

It also has the ability to share your progress and scores via Facebook and other methods. Battle against the insects of the rain forest and time in order to out munch your friends and achieve the gold lily pad on each level in this wonderful game by Friendly Frog Interactive Ltd.

Be sure to check it out and get munching on those bugs!

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