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Frisbee Forever

08 Apr 2014

Frisbee Forever game review

There are some games and game types that are perfectly built for the type of platform that they are predominant on, when building for a specific platform it gives the designers the opportunity to use all the functionality available to that specific platform, not limiting it to be functional on all the platforms available.

If there has ever been a game built for the IOS platform its Frisbee Forever, there are a hundred different levels spread over ten different environments to keep you playing for quite some time.

The simplistic game play helps one concentrate on their reflexes as opposed to constantly doing different combinations of action; it is limited to steering left, and right.

Frisbee Forever::by Kiloo Games Frisbee Forever::by Kiloo Games Frisbee Forever::by Kiloo Games Frisbee Forever::by Kiloo Games Frisbee Forever::by Kiloo Games

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Each level starts off by the player flicking the Frisbee, from then on its up to you to control the path of the Frisbee, through hoops and tubes, and against gusts of wind and other obstacles. This will all be done as you follow a path of starts that lead you to the end of the level. This is when the steering comes in, because the more stars you gain, the more beneficial it will be to you later on as you try and unlock new levels in new environments.  As for the controls, they can either be set to touch, or to tilt controls, both work quite well, and as such it comes down to personal comfort. When you fly through the triangular or circular checkpoints you gain more momentum, allowing you to continue to the finish. At the finish the amount of stars you collected during the course of the level will be tallied up and you will be awarded a medal based on your performance. 

In Frisbee Forever there are one hundred different levels to play through. These are split up between ten different environments, each of ten levels. When you complete a level you receive either a bronze, silver or gold medal. They also give you a certain number of stars corresponding to your performance over the level. These stars are the games currency, and are used to unlock the new environments when you complete all the levels. There is, as always a small catch. The first three environments are easy as pie to unlock with a normal amount of stars, but the other seven are difficult to unlock without spending actual money, or replaying levels you have already passed to get the amount of stars needed to progress further.

The graphics of this game are really great, especially considering that the game itself is free. Where it lacks is in the sound department, with only two tracks throughout the whole game, it gets pretty repetitive and annoying. Aside from that Frisbee Forever is a great game that will keep you coming back to play again and again, and this is a great thing because you’re going to need to work for the stars that you’ll need to get the later environments unlocked. All things said and done the game brings out the kid in all of us, and that’s always a great experience. 

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