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Funny Top Cat

18 Dec 2013

Funny Top Cat game review

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that wind up being the most fun.

Funny Top Cat - this new flying arcade simulation game takes the previous classic games you've seen before to a whole new "extreme" level. This app is compatible both with iOS and Android platforms, so every smartphone user can install it and enjoy for free.

Navigate your character through a narrowing cave while trying to avoid obstacles (such as penguins, dogs, Eskimos, icicles and a lot more). Also you should avoid touching the walls of the cave on top and bottom.

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It seems easy, but it gets progressively more difficult. You will encounter situations where a slight mistake will cause a crash. Earn points by staying alive while maneuvering one of four heroes for your choice, using the touchscreen controls.

After a while, you’ll realize that touching the screen makes the hero ascend; removing your finger is what causes it to descend. Sort this out, and Funny Top Cat infinitely more enjoyable. Also be sure to check out the online game leaderboard and track your scores with other game players.

The game keeps track of your current distance as well as your best attempt so far. Nothing about this game claims to be extravagant, and that’s the point. It has the ability to just suck in the player for an hour at a time.

There are two different modes of game to choose. The classic mode and the two player’s mode. The last mode is for playing against a friend of you. The classic mode is the standard mode of the game. Also you can choose either to play alone, or with a friend, or maybe network play, all as you desire.

If you have friends, then it’s a fight for the high score. You wouldn’t be able to stop playing for days, until you’ve managed to beat your friend’s high score. You collect crystals and some power-ups, thus making the game more arcade-like.

Collecting the needed power up you are able to change the speed of the helicopter character to make it slower. Slower speeds provide advantages and disadvantages. You have more time to avoid objects, but you can avoid them less quickly.

Collected crystals you can use to in-game store where you exchange them for power ups. To sum up, Funny Top Cat is a great and very addictive game, extremely fun and becomes an app you go back to time and again to see if you can’t beat your old high score.

If you start playing, you can’t let it. Very interesting and amusing game. A must for every device. Overall, the game stays true to the classic while introducing interesting new features. The strengths of the game are in the simple gameplay and addictiveness, the customization, and the fact that it's free, of course.

Once you have the game mastered there are a myriad of achievements to unlock that give you more challenges to face. The adventure is about to begin!!!It is a highly addictive and entertaining game to play and is just perfect for when you need to kill some time.

The deeper you get in the game, the harder it is to stop playing!

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